2nd Angelic Hierarchy #1 – Domnations

2nd Angelic Hierarchy #1 – Domnations

Function and Philosophy

Also called the dominions and the lords, Dominations are one of the nine accepted choirs of Angelic Princes, ranked fourth overall. They belonged to the second triad with the Virtues and Powers.

According to Dionysus, the Dominations have the duty in the Heavenly Host of regulating the activities of the angels. Through the efforts of these spirits, the very order of the cosmos is maintained. They handle the minute details of cosmic life and existence, designating tasks to the lower orders of angels.


By custom Dominations are believed to wear green and gold, and their symbols are the sword and scepter. This denotes their lordship over all created things. In turn, the dominations receive their instructions from the cherubim or thrones.

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