2nd Angelic Hierarchy #3 – Powers aka Authorities

2nd Angelic Hierarchy #3 – Powers aka Authorities

Function and Philosophy

One of the nine angelic choirs, Powers are also known as potentates, authorities, dynamics, and forces. They are placed in the second triad along with dominations and virtues, numbered sixth overall. The Powers were supposedly the very first of the angels created by God. However, this disagrees with the theory that all angels came into existence at a single moment.

Powers have the task of defeating the efforts of the demons in overthrowing the world. They are declared awesome defenders of the cosmos against all evil and the maintainers of all cosmic order and equilibrium. They are the guardians of the heavenly paths, policing the routes to and from heaven to the earth. This means they concern themselves with humanity as well. The great harmonizers, they assist each soul to overcome the temptations place before it to do evil and to lean instead toward the proper action (that being to Love and worship God.)


Powers’ colors are green and gold, and their symbol is a flaming sword. If you know more of Powers’ characteristics please contact me

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