1st Angelic Hierarchy #2 – Cherubim

1st Angelic Hierarchy #2 – Cherubim

Function and Philosophy

The Cherubim Choir is the second of the nine accepted choirs of angels, placed second as well in the first triad of the angelic hierarchy(with the seraphim and thrones). They are some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all angels, standing below only the seraphim in direct closeness to God. Their illuminative knowledge and wisdom are thus so great as to be utterly incomprehensible to the mortal mind, blinding the blessed human who has the honor of actually beholding them in this world.

In Islamic lore, the Cherubim was allegedly created out of the tears shed by the archangel Michael for all the sins of humanity. They are the first angels to be encountered in the Old Testament, being posted in the Book of Genesis in the east of Eden to ensure that no one entered after the expulsion of Adam and Eve.

Their chief task in the celestial hierarchy is to sing the praises of God, but they are also declared in occult lore to have the responsibility of driving the chariot of the Lord, a key symbol of heaven. The Cherubim are also given the task of maintaining the records of heaven and seeing to the details necessary to keep order in the Heavenly Host.


Cherubim had the bodies of a winged bull, an eagle, or a sphinx and the faces of men or lions. As is clear from Ezekiel’s encounter, the cherubim possess four wings and four faces, symbolizing their eternal vigilance and knowledge, which reaches every direction of Creation. They are also often presented with peacock feathers bearing a host of eyes, again in reference to their all-seeing omniscience.

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