3rd Angelic Hierarchy #3 – Angels

3rd Angelic Hierarchy #3 – Angels

Function and Philosophy

The ninth and final order of angels belongs to the third and final triad of choirs, their primary focus of their existence being the caretakers of humanity and the world. While the lowest ranked of all angelic beings-if one accepts the idea of a regulated angelic organization-angels are nevertheless members of the heavenly host and thus possess the profound and beautiful attributes given to them by their Creator. They are beings of pure spirituality and exist to fulfill the tasks given to them by God. Chief among these are to act as messengers of the Lord to the earth and guardians of the human soul.

The guardian angel is the angelic being supposedly assigned not only to every living soul, but to places, churches, and even nations. They proclaimed the birth of Christ and spoke to Abraham, Moses, and a host of other prophets and patriarchies in the Old Testament. It is precisely the the human that the members of the ninth choir are most often concerned with. They deliver new or word of impending destruction and woe. This is done through both physical and spiritual means. Angels also observe all of human history, perhaps recording every human act to provide a clear statement of the development of each soul.

In heaven angels provide valuable service, in proper fulfillment of their natures as purely spiritual beings and the will of the the Creator.


I couldn’t find any, but we do see them as male & female in white or gold robes with halos. 🙁 If you know of any others, but if you know any please contact me

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