Summer Angels
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Ubaviel – An angel with the dominion over the sign of Capricorn.

Uriel – A patron angel of literature and music, he also is the angel of peace, salvation, transformation, and ministration. His name translated means “God’s fire”. Uriel bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy and presides over the planet Mars. We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Uriel is the regent of the Sun, the flame of God and presides over Hades. Uriel presides over those born in the month of September and along with Raziel, Uriel presides over those born under the sun sign Libra AND along with Adnachiel Uriel presides over those born in the sun sign of Leo. He also governs the element Earth, the cardinal direction East and the East Wind. You can pray accordingly for special protection and bright blessings.

Uriron – An angel invoked as an amulet against sorcery and sudden death.

Usiel – See Uzziel

Uvael – A Monday angel, resident of the first Heaven and invoked from the North.

Uwula – A ministering angel invoked at an eclipse of the sun or moon.

Uzziel (Strength of God) – Angel of the order of Virtues and Cherubim. Also one of the 7 angels who stand before the throne of glory and among the 9 who set over the 4 winds. Uzziel is commanded by Gabriel to “coast the south wind with the strictest watch” Also known as an angel of mercy, under the ruler ship of Metatron.


Valoel – It is traditionally believed that this perfect being holds dominion over peace. We pray to Valoel to enfold us with his wings of serenity and to fill our hearts with tranquility and contentment.

Varcan – An angel with dominion over the sun. He is referred to as the king of the angels of the air, ruling on the Lord’s day.

Vassago – Invoked to discover a woman’s deepest secret. He is a Prince of the nether realms where he busies himself finding lost possessions and fortelling the future.

Veguaniel – An angel ruler of the third hour of the day.

Verchiel – Also known as Varachiel and Zerachiel. Angel of the month of July and along with Ariel, they are ruler/regent of the sign Leo. He is also one of the rulers of the order of powers (potentates, authorities, dynamist) and he is the governor of the sun.

Vhnori – One of the two governing angels of the sign Sagittarius.

Vohal – An angel of power invoked in conjuring rites.

Vretil – The archangelic keeper of the treasury of Sacred Books. He is said to be wiser than the other archangels. He is also called “the scribe of the knowledge of the Most High”.


Wallim – An angel serving in the 1st heaven.

Weatta – An angel of the Seal.


Xathanael – See Nathanael.


Yahoel – See Jael & Metatron.

Yahriel – See Ophaniel

Yannie – A Pleiadian angel, who has come to Earth to assist Rev. Cassandra Anaya in giving psychic readings.

Yarashiel – One of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Yekahel – One of the spirits of the planet Mercury. His name is inscribed on the first pentacle of the planet.

Yrian – The Angel of Dreams of Artists.

Yurkemi – The angel of hail. A legend says that Yurkemi offered to extinguish the fire consuming the three men in the fiery furnace but Gabriel would not have it, contending that Yurkemi’s help would not suffice.


Zaapiel – The angel who punishes those with wicked souls

Zaazenach – Rules the sixth hour of night

Zacharael (Zachariel & Zachriel) – He’s a chief/prince of the Dominions living in the Second Heaven. He rules over memory and the weekday Thursday and along with Zadkiel presides over the planet Jupiter.

Zadkiel – The angel of prayer and affirmation, whose name translates to “Righteousness of God”. Zadkiel is the archangel of solace, charity and gentleness. We pray to this sacred archangel for comfort when we are in need of gentle guidance. Zadkiel also kindles a desire for spiritual development in humankind. Zadkiel, along with Zachriel, presides over the planet Jupiter. Zadkiel, along with Asmodel, preside over those born under the Sun Sign Taurus.

Zafrire – Morning spirits!

Zalbesael (Heart of God) – An angel who has dominion over the rainy season.

Zaphchial – See Zaphiel.

Zaphehiel – See Zaphiel.

Zaphiel (Zaphkiel) – Zaphiel along with Orifiel presides over the planet Saturn. Along with 8 other angels he rules over Heaven. And it is said he is the angel of the third sephira of the Tree of Life. The spelling of his name through the millenimums has been translated in numerous ways: Zaphiel, Zaphchial, Zaphehiel, and Zophiel, but the meaning has stayed the same “God’s knowledge”.

Zarall – See Metatron.

Zathael – See Nathanael.

Zavael – An angel who controls and has dominion over whirlwinds.

Zazel – A great angel, particularly effective in love conjurations. He is the spirit of Saturn. Along with the angel Asiel, he can be used to protect against sudden death. (In a talisman.)

Zebul – Rules the sixth heaven during the night. (Sabath rules during the day.)

Zeffar – “The genius of irrevocable choice”. He also serves at the 9th hour.

Zehanpuryu’h (This One Sets Free) – A great angelic prince: advocate general of heaven and dispenser of divine mercy. With Michael he is the dispenser of inerrable balances. He is one of the crown prices of the Merkaba with higher ranking than that of Metatron.

Zehuel – See Cerviel

Zophiel – See Zaphiel.

Zephon (A Looking Out) – Guardian prince of Paradise. The sixth sefira, one of the cheribum. Gabriel sent Zephon along with Ithuriel to find satan. The found him in the garden of Eden while he was tempting Eve.

Zerachiel – See Verchiel

Zizuph – A genius of mysteries and one of the genii of the 8th hour.

Zophiel – Also Zaphiel and Zaphkiel, an angelic prince named as one of the chiefs of the angelic choir of cherubim. He is also sometimes said to be chief of the thrones; the ruling angel of the planet Saturn; and a special patron of Noah, guiding him in the building of the ark and helping to ensure the survival of his family. It is possible that he can be equated with the angel Zaphkiel-listed as an archangel and head of the choir of thrones-but some scholars dispute this.

Zuphlas – This angelic benefactor protects and safeguards the forests and trees. We appeal to this angel to save the rain forests of the earth and to inspire the human race to honor, respect and save the trees. Also the genii of the 11th hour.

Zuriel – See Uriel

Zutu’el – An angel who appears in the First Book of Enoch. He resides past the Erythrean Sea and was visited by the patriarch Enoch during his journeys.


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All info on these angels pages gleaned from:
1- To Ride A Silver Broomstick – Silver RavenWolf
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3- Ask Your Angels – Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie & Andrew Ramer
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5- The Sacred Magic of the Angels – David Goddard
6- Though mostly what I’ve learned from my personal angels and the angels I work with.

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