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Machidiel (or Malhidael) – Angel for those born in the month of March or the sun sign Aries (Israfel also presides over those both under the Sun Sign Aries). Those born in March or in the sign of Aries can pray to Machiediel for special protection and bright blessings.

Madan – An angel the exercises dominion over the planet Mercury.

Mael – A ruling Archangel of the water. He is also one of the intelligences of the planet Saturn and is a Monday angel of the first Heaven. He may be invoked from the North.

Mahariel (Swift) – An angel of Paradise stationed at the first portal. He provides new souls for the purified ones.

Mahzian – A spirit who bestows sight.

Maktiel – An angel with dominion over trees.

Malhidael (or Machiediel) – Angel for those born in the month of March and the sun sign Aries. Those born in March or under the sign of Aries can pray to Malhidael for special protection and bright blessings.

Maltiel – A Friday angel resident in the third heaven and invoked from the West. He is also one of the intelligence’s of the planet Jupiter. Maltiel is the preceptor angel of Elijah and serves as one of the numerous guards of the West wind.

Manakel – Angel of aquatic animals.

Manu – Angel of fate.

Maroch – An angel of the 5th hour of the day.

Mastho – Is a genius of delusive appearances. He is one of the spirits of the tenth hour.

Maximilian – the Angel of Arbitration.

Mehiel – An angel who protects university professors, orators and authors.

Melchizedek – He was the “Sage of Salem”, which is one of the few known times that a high angel took human form. He came in a very male body.

Melioth – One of nine angels that run together throughout heavenly and earthly places.

Memuneh (Appointed One) – A deputy angel, a dispenser of dreams. It is said through the Memuneh, the Universe operates.

Mercury – The angel of progress.

Meriarijim – A chief officer-angel of the night.

Messiach – An angel invoked in magical operations in connection with the invocation of water and hyssop. The invocant is advised to recite the versicles of the Psalms 6, 67, 64 and 102.

Metatron – He is charged with the sustenance of mankind. He has been known as the link between the human and the divine. The angel who wrestled with Jacob. (Genesis 32); As the watchman (Isaiah 20); Exodus 23:20 for this refers to Metratron as well. Metatron, according to the cabala is the angel said to have lead the children of Israel through the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin brother is Sandalphon. To read more about Metatron click the link; his name at the beginning. He also, along with his twin Sandalphon and Ambriel, presides over those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Micah – This angel presides over divine plans.

Michael – The angel of protection rules the fourth heaven. Michael also oversees those who were born on Sunday, in the zodiac Aquarius, and the Sun. An archangel, who grants miracles, fosters mercy, repentance, truth, sanctification, blessing, immortality, patience and love to human-kind. This archangel is protective of those who are just and good. He strengthens our spirits in difficult times. Pray to Michael for these gifts and virtues. Essene prayer: “Archangel Michael, Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body”. He is also the angel of Armed Forces, the element Fire, the South Wind and the cardinal direction East.

Midael – A chief and Captain in the celestial army. An angel of the order of warriors.

Mihr – An angel presiding over the month of September and the 16th day of the month. Mihr watches over friendship and love.

Miniel – A great angel whose chief virtue is that he can, when invoked, induce love in an otherwise cold and reluctant maiden. For best results he must be invoked while the invocant is facing south.

Mira Klein – The Angel of Dreams of Soldiers.

Mirapon – The Angel of Nannies.

Mizgitari – The genius of eagles. And he serves the seventh hour of the day.

Modiniel – One of the spirits of the planet Mars.

Morael – An Angel of awe or fear. He rules over August and September. He has the power of making everything invisible.

Moroni – The angel of the Latter-Day Saints. He appeared to Joseph Smith in 1823, upstate New York and led him him to discover the buried “Golden Tablets”. These tablets became the “Book of Mormon”. They tell us of a Jewish family that left Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and fled, by ship, to what is now North America. The books were kept by one of the elders, Mormon, and it was his son, Moroni, who buried the books about 400 A.D.

Mqttro – An angel that ministers to the son of man.

Mumiah – This angel presides over the sciences of medicine and physics. Mumiah is traditionally believed to grant health and longevity, as well as being able to suspend physical laws to create miracles.

Mupiel (Out of the Mouth of God) – An angel invoked for obtaining a good memory and an open heart.

Murdad – Angel of July and he also governs the seventh day of the month. Murdad is sometimes equated with the angel Azrael. (He separates the soul from the body at death.)

Muriel – As a regent he presides over those born in the month of June or Cancer, and the Dominions. He also serves Veguaniel as a ruler of the third hour of the day and is invoked in the south to help one obtain a magic carpet. Muriel presides over hose born in June. Pray to Muriel for special protection and bright blessings. Also Muriel along with Azrael preside over those born under the sign of Cancer. Pray to Muriel or Azrael for special protection and bright blessings.


Naadame – Prince over all the angels and Caesars.

Nafriel – An angelic guard of the gates of the South Wind.

Naoutha – The angel governing the Southwest inter-cardinal direction.

Nariel – Nariel governs the South Wind. He is also the ruler of the noonday winds.

Narsinha – A man-lion avatar. He is lord of heroism.

Nathanael – His name means “Gift of God”. In Jewish legendary lore, Nathanael is the 6th created angel and one of the twelve angels of vengeance. He is lord over the element of fire. He is the angel who “burned the servants of Jair” in the contest between God and Baal, saving from the fire the seven men who would not sacrifice to the deity. In The Lemegeton he is an angel of the 6th hour serving under Samil. He is also one of three angels Along presides over things that are hidden; the other two angels are Ingethal and Zeruch. He is constantly watching for spiritual fires of aspiration rising from earth. He transfers the fire aspect of divinity to our world where it transforms consciousness from the limited self to the eternal self by burning away misconceptions that would have us believe that we are separate from God.

Nathanel – See Nathanael.

Nathaniel – See Nathanael.

Natiel – An angel with the power to ward off evil who’s name was found in the charm called kamea.

Nehinah – An angel invoked in necromantic operations.

Nemamiah – This sacred being is a guardian angel of all those who fight for just causes. He is especially protective towards people who defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, such as animals and children. When an injustice is done towards anyone, including ourselves, we can pray to Nemamiah to right the wrong.

Neriel – One of the 28 angels who govern one of the 28 mansions of the moon.

Nesanel – Along with the angels Meachuel and Gabriel, is summoned to free or purge the invocant of all sin.

Nitika – A genius of precious stones and he presides over the 6th hour of the day

Noaphiel – An angel whose name is inscribed in Hebrew characters on the fifth pentacle of the planet Saturn. In conjuring Noaphiel, the invocant is advised (for best results) to recite a versicle from Deuteronomy 10.

Novensiles – The nine great deities who control thunderbolts! Tina, Cupra, Menrva, Summanus, Vejovis, Sethlans, Mars, Mantus and Ercle. They are angels who watch over the renewing of things and they have the power to wield thunderbolts!


Odric – The Angel of Dreams of Contentment.

Oertha – An angel of the north. “He hath a torch of fire and puteth it to his sides, and they warm the great coldness of him so that he freeze not the world.”

Ofaniel – See Ophaniel

Ofniel – See Ophaniel

Omael – An angel who multiplies species, perpetuates races and influences chemists. There is some question as to whether Omael is a fallen or upright angel. Data available suggests he seems to operate in both domains.

Omniel – This being of light grants to mortals the ability to experience a feeling of oneness with all life. We pray to Omniel to lift the veil of illusion that keeps us separate from other living beings. When this veil lifts we find that the concept of doing to others as we would do to ourselves becomes real, for we truly are all one.

Omophorus – A world supporting angel. He carries the earth on his shoulders, like atlas.

Onayepheton – The name of a spirit by which God will summon the dead and raise them to life again.

Onzo – “A fair angel of God” invoked in the exorcism of wax.

Opaniel – See Ophaniel

Ophan – See Ophaniel

Ophaniel – According to Enoch this angel has sixteen faces, one hundred pairs of wings, and 8,466 eyes. He is regent and namesake of the Ofanim, who governs the Moon as “the angel of the wheel of the moon.” His task is to follow through with the orders from the Powers.

Opiel – An angel who aids individuals in obtaining the love of a desired one. His name can be found written on Aramaic love charms.

Oranir – Chief Prince of the nine angels of the Summer Equinox and effective against the evil eye.

Oresto – The Angel of Dreams of Love.

Oriares – The angel governing the season of winter.

Oriel (Auriel, Light of God) – He is one of 70 childbed amulet angels. Also ruler of the tenth hour of the day and he is called the angel of destiny.

Orifiel – Orifiel presides over the wilderness and those who take care of it. He is the regent of the weekday Saturday and one of the 7 regents of Earth. Along with Zaphiel Orifiel preside over the planet Saturn. As the ruler of the second hour of the day he serves Anael.

Orifel – See Orifiel

Oriphiel – See Orifiel

Orfel – See Orifiel

Orphiel – See Orifiel

Osael – A cherub summoned in ceremonial magic.

Osgaebial – An angelic ruler of the 8th hour, he commands “a great cloud of attending spirits”.

Otheos -A most holy Angel invoked for discovering treasure.

Oul – A special aid angel to Dalquiel in the third Heaven.

Oumriel – Angel of service residing in the fourth heaven.


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All info on these angels pages gleaned from:
1- To Ride A Silver Broomstick – Silver RavenWolf
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3- Ask Your Angels – Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie & Andrew Ramer
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5- The Sacred Magic of the Angels – David Goddard
6- Though mostly what I’ve learned from my personal angels and the angels I work with.

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