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Hamaliel – This angel presides over those born in the month of August and along with Jophiel, the sun sign Virgo. Prayers can be requested for special protection and bright blessings.

Hanael (or Haniel) – Prince of the Archangels, Hanael is one of the 7 angels of creation. Also known as Hamiel, and Anael, Hanael also exercises dominion over the planet Venus. He is one of the luminaries concerned with human sexuality and is governor of the second heaven, where he is in charge of prayer ascending from the first heaven. In addition he controls kingdoms and kings on earth and has dominion over the moon. This angel presides over those born in the month of December. Also, along with Gabriel, Hanael preside over the sun sign Capricorn. Those born under in December can pray to Hanael for special protection and bright blessings or born under Capricorn can pray to both Hanael and Gabriel.

Hasmal – The chief angel or leader of the angelic choir of the hashmallim (or hamshallim), the Hebrew equivalent of the later order or choir of dominations. Hashmal is said in Jewish lore to be the “fire-speaking angel” who is found near the holy throne of God.

Hayyah – See Hasmal above.

Hodniel – An angel reputed to have the power of curing stupidity in man.

Hormuz – An angel in charge of the first day of the month.

Hypezokos (Flower Of Fire) – One of the “effiable, essential and elemental orders” in the Chaldean cosmological scheme.


Iacoajul – Angel of the 11th Hour of the night.

Iadara – An angel governing the sign of Virgo.

Iahhel – This shining one inspires meditation and illumination. Iahhel watches over philosophers and those who seek a retreat from worldly pursuits. For those who have difficulty meditating, pray to Iahhel for help just before you begin your meditative practice.

Iahmel – An angel with dominion over the air.

Iax – An angel, if invoked who can thwart stomach trouble and the emotion envy.

Iciriel – One of the 28 angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon.

Idrael – An angelic guard of the fifth heavenly hall.

Iedidiel – An angel summoned up in ritual invocation.

In Hii – One of the angels of the North Star.

Io – The Angel of Dreams of Flight.

Irel – An angel resident of the 5th heaven. He rules Tuesday and is invoked from the west.

Irin (Watchers or Holy Watchers) – Twin angels residing in the sixth heaven. The irin constitute the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court. They are among the eight exalted hierarchs that enjoy a rank superior to that of Metatron, who is considered of the greatest angels serving God, according to Daniel 4:17 the irin are watchers. It is said that “each of the irin is equal to the rest of the angels and princes together.”

Ishmael – The Angel of Dreams of the Dying.

Ismoli – A ministering angel. Ruler of the angels of the air operating on Monday.

Israfel – This angel of music inspires people to sing, play musical instruments and compose music. Pray to him to increase talent in this area. He also encourages renewal, resurrection and regeneration. He also, along with Machidiel, presides over those both under the Sun Sign of Aries.

Itkal – As an angel who presides over cooperation and affection, we appeal to Itkal to create harmonious relationships between people.

Itqal – An angel of affection. Evoked in cases of dissension among human beings.


Jah-el – See Jael & Metatron.

Jael – One of the twin Cherubim on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, the other cherub being Zarall. Jael is an angel governing the sign of Libra. To learn more see Metatron

Jariel – An angel of divine face or prescence. A varient form of Rziel, Suriel or Sariel.

Jazar – A genius who “compels love”. Also of the 7th hour of the day.

Jeduthun or Jeduthum (Praising or Judgement) – He is lord of the evening choirs in heaven. As the master of howling, he leads myriads of angels in chanting hymns of praise of God at the close of each day.

Jeliel – A seraph whose name is inscribed on the tree of life. He is the heavenly prince ruler of Turkey. He controls the destiny of kings and other high dignitaries and gives the palm of victory for those who are unjustly attacked or invaded. In addition he inspires passion between the sexes and insures marital fidelity.

Jerazol – An angel of power mentioned in cabalistic works. He is invoked in conjuring rites.

Jeu – Jeu is the great angel, overseer of light and arranger of the cosmos. He is one of the 3 great powers on high. Occupying the right place on God’s side with Propator on God’s left.

Joel – See Jael & Metatron.

Johel – See Jael & Metatron.

Jophiel – As the angel of creative power Jophiel is the archangel of judgement, the angel of paradise, the angel of artistic people; such as artists, dancers, sculptors. painters, singers, and he assists us in our own desires from our creative dreams to manifesting into reality. His name means “Beauty of God”. Jophiel, along with Jophiel, preside over the sun sign Virgo. Those born under this sign can pray to Jophiel and/or Hamaliel for special protection and bright blessings.

Joustriel – Angel of the 6th hour of the day.

Jukar – A prince over all the angels, according to Mathers.


Kabniel – An angel invoked to cure stupidity.

Kadi (el) – A Friday angel invoked from the west and serving in the third heaven.

Karoz – Karoz are “reporter angels.”

Katzfiel – An angelic Prince of the sword and guard of the sixth heaven. Katfiel’s sword emits lightening !

Kfial – One of the 64 angel wardens of the seven celestial halls.

Kokaviel – The name of the angel found inscribed on the third pentacle of the planet Mercury.

Kutiel – An angel invoked in connection with using divining rods.


Labezerin – The spirit of success. He serves in the second hour of the day.

Larzod – One of the “glorious and benovolent angels” invoked in Solomonic conjuring rites for imparting to the invocant some of the wisdon of the Creator.

Lazai – An angel invoked in the exorcism of fire.

Lelahel – An angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science and fortune. We appeal to this being of light for good luck and good fortune.

Leliel – One of the angelic rulers of the night!

Lepha – Angel of the seal.

Liwet – This angel presides over vanguard ideas and inventions. He is especially protecrive of mortals who have original ideas and thoughts, and is also very encouraging of individuality and uniqueness.

Luel – An angel invoked in connection with the use of diving rods.


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All info on these angels pages gleaned from:
1- To Ride A Silver Broomstick – Silver RavenWolf
2- The Magus, A Complete System of Occult Philosophy, Book 1&2 – Francis Barrett
3- Ask Your Angels – Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie & Andrew Ramer
4- Dictionary of Angels – Gustav Davidson
5- The Sacred Magic of the Angels – David Goddard
6- Though mostly what I’ve learned from my personal angels and the angels I work with.

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