secret matter

A very mysterious rune. The presence of the Divine and the unknowable.

Sometimes linked with dance, the hearth, &/or a fruit tree.

The soaring flight of the eagle, you are lifted free from ordinary life.

If need be, let go of everything. For some there may be a death.

But renewal of the spirit is at stake.

rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, vulva, dice cup, new beginning, evolutionary change, occult abilities, uncertain meaning, good lot, joy, fellowship, prophecy

fertility, to ease in childbirth, to aid in magic and divination, enhancing psychic abilities, for unexpected luck or opportunity

Phonetic: p
Colors: magenta, blue, green
Number: 3
Element: water
Gender: feminine
Deity: Frigg
Tree: Alder
Animals: Ram, Red Fox
Zodiac: pisces
Tarot: XII The Hanged Man
Gemstone: Layered Onyx

MYTHS & DEITIES: Freya, Angrbode

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