Nauthiz reversed

need, sorrow

Pain and limitation is the great teacher in disguise.

Only in the greatest darkness is the true creative power of the self recognized.

A cleansing is needed.

Begin with the most difficult and proceed to the easy; or vice versa.

Suffering is merely an undergoing. Modesty and good temper will stand you in good stead at this very challenging time of your life.

constraint of freedom, distress, toil, laxity, drudgery, extremity, want, necessity, deprivation, need, starvation, poverty, emotional hunger

to represent a need to be filled, self-control, protection

Phonetic: n
Colors: yellow, white
Number: 7
Element: fire
Gender: feminine
Deity: Skuld
Tree: Reed
Animals: Dog, Stag
Zodiac: Capricorn
Tarot: XV Devil
Gemstone: Obsidian

MYTHS & DEITIES: Freyr, Gurd, & the Otter’s Gold

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