flow, water,
lake, sea

The ebb and flow of emotions, relationships and careers.

Unseen powers are at work here, nourishing, shaping and connecting.

Immerse yourself in life and living. A time for cleansing and realigning may be signaled.

This rune is a fertility source (see Grendel’s mere in Beowulf).

A omen for union, marriage, fertility.

flow, water, sea, healing power of renewal, dreams, fantasies, mysteries, emotions, fears, unconscious mind, things hidden, deep, underworld, revelation, intuition, unknown, counselling, success in travel or acquisition, but with possibility of loss

enhancing psychic abilities, stabilizing mental or physical disorders, confronting fears, to gain intuition; uncovering hidden things, fluidity

Phonetic: l
Colors: indigo blue, violet
Number: 2
Element: water
Gender: feminine
Deity: Nerthus
Tree: Willow
Animals: Hare, Cat
Zodiac: Aquarius
Tarot: XVII The Star
Gemstone: Malachite

MYTHS & DEITIES: Midgard Serpent, Njord

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