Ing, hero god

Harmonizing and adjustment in your personal relationships.

The need to share, to find similarities.

A time of joyful deliverance – a new life, a new path.

Completion, deliverance and resolution.

Emergence from an old, chrysalis state. You may have to free yourself from a habit or relationship, or a cultural or behavioral habit.

Be prepared, and be centered.

work, productivity, grounded-ness, bounty, balance, gestation, male fertility, family love, home, common virtues, common sense, human warmth, rest stage, time of relief, no anxiety, loose strings are tied, freedom to move in other direction, listen to yourself, connection with the land.

fertility, farming, growth, balance, general health, completion, to invoke the gods.

Phonetic: ing
Colors: magenta, indigo
Number: 6
Element: water
Gender: both
Deity: Freyja
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Tarot: X Wheel of Fortune
Gemstone: Ivory

MYTHS & DEITIES: Freyr, Nerthus, Thor, the Vanir Gods

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