hail, sleet
the elements

The disruptive forces of nature and the elements.

Change, freedom invention and liberation are all indicated here.

Events are beyond your mortal control.

Disruptions may come in many forms: plans go awry, a relationship fails, a source of supply dries up.

You are not without power, you have your inner strength.

sudden loss, ordeal, disaster, destruction, clearance, testing, karmic lesson, drastic change, wrath of nature, uncontrolled forces

removing unwanted influences, breaking destructive patterns

Phonetic: h
Colors: red, white
Number: 8
Element: water
Gender: feminine
Deity: Hella
Trees: Oak, Holly
Animals: Jorse, Raven
Zodiac: Aries
Tarot: XVI The Tower
Gemstone: Crystals

MYTHS & DEITIES: Hella, Ragnarok, Loki, Frost Giants

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