day, light,

A major shift or breakthrough: the new light is dawning.

Change and transition can be very radical. Coupled with Odin’s rune – the blank rune – even a death can be portended.

But this is often a figurative death, that of the old way.

A major time of achievement and prosperity is at hand. The darkness is now behind you.

But do not become reckless or indulge in your thoughts of the future.

Undertake hard work joyfully.

happiness, success, breakthrough, time to plan or embark on enterprise, power of change, place where opposites meet, hope, certainty, activity, satisfaction, a fulfilling lifestyle.

for working where two worlds meet, to bring a positive outcome.

Phonetic: d
Colors: violet,
pale violet
Number: 7
Element: fire
Gender: masculine
Deity: Loki
Tree: Uncut Dolman
Zodiac: Scorpio
Tarot: XIII Death
Gemstone: Fluorite

MYTHS & DEITIES: Loki, Sunna, Baldr, Nerthus, Yggdrasil

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