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I’d like to share how my research on Ripoff Report got started. Because of a negative complaint against A Circle of Light, but the complaint was by an ebay seller:
userid: the_fixxers in Omaha, NE or Aurora, CO for a personal cell phone, which has nothing to do with A Circle of Light nor my occupational abilities.

Written July 22, 2014 regarding A Circle of Light & myself being listed two times on

#1 – 2009: a female filed a complaint against several different spell casters. In her complaint she mentioned they were using copyright material from my site and copied the exact material from one spell caster’s site onto saying she had infringed on my copyright. Since the complaint was not against A Circle of Light nor my occupation abilities I decided to let it go, but was upset about infringing on the servers of the spell caster’s sites. However, I did file a DMCA against the spell caster’s sites and the material was removed. If you spend 16 months writing material and then pay the US government a small fortune to have it copyrighted you don’t expect anyone to steal it. This person will have to deal with the bad karma she created. What you sow is what you reap.

#2 – 2014: On the evening of May 24th I bought what was described as a “BRAND NEW SEALED FACTORY UNLOCKED iPHONE 5S GOLD 16GB 4G LTE GSM PHONE” from an ebay seller in Omaha, NE, for $658.33. I received the phone May 29th about 2pm, but it was delivered from Colorado. The phone wouldn’t charge. I called Apple Tech for some assistance and went to the Apple store for the following day, May 30th, but to no avail; they couldn’t get it to charge. When I returned I contacted the_fixxers, Shannon Parker, and told her of the problem. Her reply was for me to go to a different Apple store and check with them. Wow, that’s nervy.

She emailed a label and I returned the phone. I was concerned about getting my refund from her due to emails that became increasing and extensively verbally abusive. So I filed a PayPal dispute on June 5th and received a refund the same day, but not before she sent me a nasty email about the dispute. The phone was delivered to the Colorado address on June 5th.

On July 16th Shannon filed a complaint with using A Circle of Light to do so. The complaint. The phone I purchased has nothing to do with my business nor my occupations; it was for personal use. It was to replace an 8 yrs old personal phone (LG 8300). Thus this complaint was a personal attack and should never have appeared on ROR. When I read the complaint I was upset, but won’t write a rebuttal as I choose not to go down to her level. Though when I read “and opened it up” I found that most laughable. Of course I did.

In her emails and in her ripoff complaint:
– she said I’m dishonest (if that were true I wouldn’t still be on the net since 1993),
– said I was after financial gain (I figured she is talking about return shipping & 10% restocking fee. For a $658.33 phone that would be $65.83 restocking fee. Ludicrous!!! Plus no one is going to pay anything for a broken item),
– she called me a liar (yet she doesn’t have any proof. Where is the proof that she checked the warranty status on the iPhone? Why didn’t she include it in the complaint? A picture she used can be a picture of any iPhone.)
1- I have plenty of proof. Apple has the history of the date and time I went to the Apple Store. (After I go to the apple Store I delete the emails they sent confirming the appt)
2- the video in the Apple Store can verify I was there with the exact date and time
3- Both Apple and Verizon (my cell phone carrier) can verify I have never registered nor activated an Apple iPhone on either of my 2 cell phones
4- Both my cell phones have been eligible for upgrades for a number of years (I didn’t really want to be under a 2 yr contract, which is the reason I purchased from ebay in the first place). I can go into my account and print out the upgrade eligibility page for both phones, which has the picture of each phone – LG8300 cell phones.
5- An email to me from an “Apple Senior Advisor Supervisor” after I emailed him asking if the iPhone was registered and activated he replied saying “NO. The only way an iPhone is registered is a new iPhone has to be signed into iCloud with, “Find My iPhone”. I don’t nor would I want want an iCloud account. The reason is simple: I have an Apple Time Capsule” that automatically backs up my computer. Since the Apple iPhone can be connect to an Apple computer it can be backed up via the Time Capsule. So as far as I know there is no need to have iCloud; especially without an iPhone.

Then July 17th the seller sent me another email that was so insulting that I had to file a complaint with ebay about her behavior as I felt this person has some mental behavioral disorders, heavily into drugs and/or alcohol or all three. She was referencing the feedback I had left “phone no work. seller rude, insulting, revengeful & angry had to give me refund”. So I blocked her email address and contacted ebay as that email was the worst of the bunch, I thought. Even the guy at ebay apologized to me for a seller sending me such an email. I have no idea what actions were taken by ebay against the seller and don’t care.

As an ebay member Shannon violated two of ebay’s policies. She is forbidden to send harassing or abusive emails to another member. Also, she if forbidden to do an external search for a member, but that is exactly what she did. Otherwise she would have never known who I was or my website. Via ebay she had the shipping name, ‘A Circle of Light’, which is what she used to do the external search. I reported her to ebay as her behavior was unacceptable.

Now, using common sense if I’ve been online since April 4, 1993 and it is apparent I am not a scam artist, a liar, dishonest, nor did I seek financial gain by returning a phone. Yes I opened the box; that’s anyone’s intention when receiving a purchase.

In the complaint she states “Upon receiving the “dead” iPhone, I turned it on and it worked fine”. The tech and mgr at the Apple Store and I know that isn’t true (the tech on the phone could really know). So I did a search on ebay of present and completed sales and one gold iphone was sold on June 7th and two were sold on June 9th, but none could be the one I returned because the selling page title says “BRAND NEW SEALED FACTORY UNLOCKED iPHONE 5S GOLD 16GB 4G LTE GSM PHONE”. Remember I had opened the box; thus breaking the factory seal. If the phone I returned had actually been working that would mean she resealed the phone then lied on ebay. Also in the complaint it says “and after checking the warranty status with Apple, I found that the iPhone had been activated on the day she received it”. I called Apple tech, he asked for the MEID #, but what else was I supposed to do with a phone that didn’t charge? Maybe Shannon expected me to just accept a phone that didn’t charge and forget the $658.33 I paid. Not in this life or any other life.

Lastly, I received another email from Shannon on July 17th that was so insulting that I had to file another complaint with ebay about her behavior as I felt this person has some mental issues.

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