Feng Shui made EZ for beginnersFeng Shui on the internet

IIMPROVE YOUR “CHI”!!!  Bring harmony & balance into your life. Feng Shui Consultation, Free information, and a Free Kua Number calculator

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Feng Shui made EZ for beginners Feng Shui on the internet

I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
Cassandra's photo
Psychic Intuitive Counselor, Spell and Ritual Caster I have been online since 1993 and it is my pleasure to serve you.

“We shape our dwellings, and
afterwards, our dwellings shape us!”


Before I get into Feng Shui I want to make something very very clear:

If you are thinking about taking my copyrighted work to use on your own sites, in a book, or on a blog, whether or not you give me credit; heed this caution…..I suggest you first read A Circle of Light Counseling’s Terms of Site Usage. It hopefully will make you think twice before spending time in a court or the rest of your life either in jail or paying large sums of money for your moment of stealing. Understand both copyright infringement and plagiarism are felonies. If you do not want to pay attorneys (yours and mine), court costs and high compensation fees then don’t steal!!!!!

Here are some lessons for anyone who has a site:

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