Wealth & Prosperity

The WEALTH & PROSPERITY area is located in the Southeast corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the rear left section of the Bagua. Wealth has many forms besides money. Enhance this area when you want more money, you want to raise money for a specific thing (home, car, vacation), or you just want more abundance of all kinds in your life (friends, love, fun, etc.) Think about what you want and what you can put here to symbolize it. Always have this space neat and orderly – no clutter or dirt.

Enhancing Colors:
Purples, Reds, & Greens

Enhancing Tips:

  • Tie Chinese coins with a red ribbon and hang or place them in the wealth corner. If you do this make sure the coins are in increments of 3, 6 or 8. The 8 being the most powerful money manifesting number.
  • The three-legged frog with a coin in his mouth is for good fortune. Place it diagonally opposite the door under a table, or desk.
  • Where you work put a chime on the ceiling to attract wisdom and good chi.
  • Water features like fountains will keep your abundance flowing.
  • Pictures of water flowing will do if you can’t put a fountain here.
  • Start a fish tank or bowl and place in the wealth corner, as you feed your fish see your finances growing.
  • If the Southeast corner of your back yard slope down away from the house, place a light fixture there. Shine it up the hill towards your house a couple hours a day. You are symbolically shoring up the wealth corner of your property.
  • Place a windmill or weather vane in the far left corner of the back yard. The movement stimulates the energy and attracts wealth. A whirligig or anything that spins will also do the trick.
  • Slow growing plants represents slow growing prosperity. Especially Jade plants.
  • The far left corner of each room, is the wealth area. Place 3 plants together that have round leaves. Round leaves look like coins. If they flower red or purple all the better. African violets work good here if you get early morning or late afternoon sun. To keep them flowering all year around, you must fertilize them with violet food each time you water.
  • Plug ALL drains in the house or at work when not using: a rubber stopper works great. The intent is to stop our money or health from going down the drain.
  • Make sure you always keep the toilet seats and lids down before flushing and when not in use. It will help keep your health & money from flushing down the drain. Also, prevents the fumes of toxins from permeating the air; harming and depleting the good chi (energy).
  • Place 8 stones around the base of the toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machine to ground and protect your health and money. (8 is the money number in Feng Shui.)
  • Repair indoor or outdoor leaky faucets. The leaks will affect your wealth and health.
  • Use earth tone colors on the walls and floors in rooms that have large amounts of water, like the bathroom, kitchen, and the laundry room. This will symbolically dam the water so you can hold on to your money longer.
  • Keep your stove and burners clean and in good working condition. The Chinese have always believed your stove has a direct connection to your wealth.
  • Hang or place a mirror on your stove so in the mirror you now see twice as many burners as you had before. This doubling of burners increases your opportunities for prosperity.
  • Pictures of things you want to buy will charge them with your energy. Place them in the Southeast corner.
  • Make sure all doors open fully as it could limit your opportunities and affect your ability to make a good and comfortable living.
  • Place 3 similar objects together in the far left corner of the living room or bedroom. The preferred colors in wealth are gold,
    purple, red and green, or colors that say wealthy to you. You might place 3 similar pictures, 3 brass candle holders with red candles, or 3 red bowls where you collect various coins.

  • Hang a round faceted clear crystal on a 18″ red cord in the left rear corner of the living room, the wealth corner. The red in
    the cord is the activator, the crystal swirls the energy and gives it a real boost. Hang close to the window, and get a health dose of rainbow therapy for free.

  • Keep your valuables such as a coin collection, a piggy bank, a safe, jewelry, in the far left rear corner of your bedroom, the
    wealth corner if possible. This amplifies or draws more wealth to you. If you cannot store your treasures there, then make your decorations look wealthy to you.

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