Love & Marriage

The LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS area is located Southwest corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the rear right section of the Bagua. This is the area where love reigns. This is area to attract new love or improve present love.

Enhancing Colors:
Reds, Pinks, & White

Enhancing Tips:

  • If you are married or in a relationship hang pictures of you & your mate.
  • Place a pair of objects together, like 2 mandarin ducks or 2 cranes that mate for life, that will represent successful partnering in the far right rear corner of the bedroom or the Southwest corner.
  • Mandarin ducks are famous symbols of lovers and potent symbol of marital bliss. It creates chi that helps lovers tie the knot. Placing a pair of ducks in the Southwest corner home; or in the far right corner of your living room or your bedroom will activate love and marriage chi!
  • Symbols of love and marriage. In Feng Shui a pink quartz crystal is very powerful. You can get them in heart shape.
  • Remove or cover any mirrors in the bedroom. A mirror facing the bed from any side (ceiling, wall, closet door, dressing table) reflects the couple on the bed. This could create a failure in the relationship or marriage due to a third party interference or infidelities.
  • Televisions are just as negative as mirrors. So remove them from the bedroom.
  • Place the bed where it is not in a direct line with the door. Especially do not have your feet towards the door. They take the dead from their bedroom feet first.
  • Do not place the bed under a window.
  • Your bed should be accessible from three sides, if you want to attract or keep a partner.
  • Sleep with your head towards one of your Auspicious Directions, preferably your Sheng Chi directions.
  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers and replace often. However, do not put them in the Southwest corner nor the right rear corner of any room. Fresh flowers clashes with the element of romance, which is Earth.
  • Take any abstract, sad, dark or scary artwork from bedroom. We want to create a safe, peaceful and almost fantasy like setting. Bedrooms are for sleeping and making love. Art objects like swords, guns, abstract, sad or dark can encourage very negative like dreaming and fighting.
  • Buy yourself a gift that will symbolizes a new relationship. Place it in a prominent place in your home and every time you pass it, see yourself meeting your perfect mate.
  • Hang a painting of Peonies in the living room on the South wall for love.
  • If you are single then outside your bedroom door put two silk Peonies towards the South or left side of the door.
  • Remove any objects in the bedroom that remind you of work.
  • Remove any pictures your family or children from the master bedroom.
  • Remove any and all items from under the bed, it can cause detrimental disagreements.
  • Place 2 red candles in the Southwest corner of your space or the far right corner of your bedroom. Light them nightly for a few minutes to ignite the spark of romance.
  • Use beads or fabric as an alternative to doors. They enhance our visual senses as well as our sense of touch and give us a feeling of romance.
  • Hanging crystals (preferable pink and heart-shaped) in a sunny window catches the sunlight and creates attractive rainbow patterns, which bring good yang energy (love energy).
  • Adding a wind chime in the sunny window can also increase the beneficial effects of good yang energy.
  • Plant 2 of something, such as 2 fruit trees in the right hand corner of your back yard, symbolizing your fruitful relationship.
  • If planting 2 fruit bearing trees is not possible, you can place a table with 2 chairs. You and your mate can enjoy romantic dinners by candlelight or moonlight. Fresh flowers on the table would be good also.
  • Include the romance colors in your bedroom, shades of red, pink and white. It is best not to use a red bedspread as red can ignite anger as well as passion. A little red goes a long way.
  • Place 2 red hearts in one of your relationship areas. This will enhance your present relationship or if you are single, help you to find a new and exciting one.
  • If you are single, make two wish lists. One of what qualities for your ideal mate and the other what qualities for your ideal relationship. They are two separate things. Be very very specific. If you want someone who is gentle, what does that mean to you. Make sure you do not use negative statements. Example, I don’t what a mate who cheats. Rather say, I want a mate who is monogamous. Spend at least 10 minutes daily with the lists. Get your senses involved…smell, touch, taste, hearing, seeing and feeling. Make copies of the list and place it where you will see it often. Each time you pass your list, see yourself meeting your ideal mate. Before you know it your mate is there.
  • If your bathtub is in the far right rear corner of your bathroom, use items that are waterproof to represent you and your mate. You can use 2 pink rose quartz crystals, the shampoo and conditioner or 2 rubber duckies.
  • Relocate any exercise equipment if it’s in you’re bedroom. It could feel like you have to constantly work at having a good relationships.
  • To represent relationships in your kitchen, use items like 2 red canisters, a vase on the table with 2 red or pink flowers in it, salt and pepper shakers or 2 flowering plants in red or pink.
  • If you are single, you could set your table for 2. Maybe even light 2 candles. See your mate sitting across the table from you as you enjoy your meal.
  • DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL – This symbol is auspicious when it comes to activating marriage luck. If you are already married it enhances your married life and brings wonderful and eternal love in your relationship. If you are single you may want to try this out. Paint this symbol in red on a rock or boulder and place it in the Southwest corner of your home.
    Double Happiness Symbol

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