Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

The KNOWLEDGE & SELF-CULTIVATION area is located Northeast corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the front left section of the Bagua. This area represents our desire to know more; become more; and learn more. It blends two elements; water and wood. It is that part of us that is continuously growing; seeking to expand ourselves; to know more, learn more and to be more. Whether we are students in school or in life, we need to grow and learn. Even if we are in therapy we are working on our ‘self-cultivation’.

Enhancing Colors:
Blues, Greens, & Black

Enhancing Tips:

  • A bookcase filled with books to reflect your knowledge.
  • Make sure the bookshelf has doors on it. If not possible, then move all the books forward flush with the front of the shelves.
  • Place a globe in this area enhances the knowledge of the world.
  • Place pens, pencils, writing tablets in this area.
  • Red is excellent to activate educational success! Place it in the Southeast section of the Knowledge corner. Make sure you do not use too much as a little goes a long way.
  • Pots, urns, or containers made from clay will enhance the Knowledge corner.
  • Posters of mountains or quiet places to reflect your inner strength.
  • A comfortable chair for thinking.
  • Good lighting is essential.
  • Wind chimes are wonderful to enhance the flow of knowledge. However, do not use one made of metal.
  • Plants always represent growth. So put several in that area.
  • Any items that express growth. Examples; a tape measure, encyclopedias, or any other educational type books.
  • Keep this area clear of clutter or it creates clutter in your life.
  • Read more as it will enhance the knowledge corner.
  • While reading face Northeast; you’ll absorb more of what you are reading.
  • Hang a Carp windsock in this area to generate the easy with which knowledge flows.
  • Since the Northeast is Earth include earthy things such as pottery, porcelain and clay items.
  • Also, you can include a pretty dish with gems stones; such as crystals, tourmaline, citrone, goldstone, moonstone, Obsidian, or any gemstone you’d like since they all come from earth.
  • Any trigram, whose element is Earth is a great place to have your jewelry. (Don’t stick it in the freezer all robbers know that one).

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