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The HEALTH & FAMILY area is located East corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the left middle section of the Bagua. This area represents new beginnings; health issues (be they physical and/or mental); family; and friends, who are like family members.

Enhancing Colors:

Blues, & Greens

Enhancing Tips:

  • Hang pictures of your family and friends. Make sure that if 3 people are in the photos they are not all sitting side-by-side, but maybe one standing behind the two sitting. Side-by-side is very bad Feng Shui.
  • Book about nutrition, herbs, and healing are excellent for the Health & corner.
  • Put alive healthy plants in every room of the office or home, except the bedroom. If you want plants in the bedroom then only use Chinese Evergreen and they give off Oxygen 24 hours of the day (most plants give off Oxygen during the day and Carbon Monixide at night).
  • Hanging or placing healing crystals are great in this corner.
  • Clear crystals – gives the room a rainbow affect, which is a healthy does of color therapy; Rose crystals – emotional health; Green crystals – physical health; Blue crystals – mental clarity; Red crystals – gives a jump start to whatever area it is place.
  • Placing blue & green items in this area helps activate the Health & Family corner.
  • Things made of wood, a nurturing wood frame.
  • Mirrors in this area can be a great cure for bad health and sudden illnesses. Based on you home &/or Kua number if this is a bedroom do not use mirrors.
  • Things that remind you of your family or a good friend.
  • This is a perfect area to put exercise equipment.
  • Inherited art or furniture and/or antiques, as they honor the heritage.
  • Objects or patterns that are rectangular or columnar.
  • Help neighbors clean their yard. It will improve and both your lives.
  • Hang or place some reminder of the fun you have in the physical world. (Tennis rackets, ski equipment, etc.)
  • Hang a picture of your favorite sports team; a cap from that team; a shirt, etc.
  • Get a pet if you do not already have one. They have stimulating life force energy. They are great companions and they love us unconditionally.
  • Move important furniture like beds, desks, and couches from under overhead beams. They can feel like knives cutting us.
  • Turn off electric blankets before falling asleep, the electricity can disrupt your chi (energy); thus your system.
  • Burn incense, use essential oils, or some sort of aroma therapy. Smells, like pleasant sounds and color have a healing effect on us.
  • Plug ALL drains in the house or at work when not using: a rubber stopper works great. The intent is to stop our money or health from going down the drain.
  • Make sure you always keep the toilet seats and lids down before flushing and when not in use. It will help keep your health & money from flushing down the drain. Also, prevents the fumes of toxins from permeating the air; harming and depleting the good chi (energy).
  • Place 8 stones around the base of the toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machine to ground and protect your health and money. (8 is the money number in Feng Shui.)
  • Repair indoor or outdoor leaky faucets. The leaks will affect your health and wealth.
  • Buy yourself a gift that represents good health, place it in a prominent position and when you see it, visualize optimum health.
  • Wear green often; it is the color of health and healing.
  • If you see an unpleasant view from any of your windows , place a mirror on the opposite wall to send the image back outside.
  • Clear away any clutter in the back, front and side yards. Pay close attention to what is stored on the left side of your house.
  • Wear pink colors to melt away anger. Wear green to promote healthy feelings. Green also restores and soothes your soul.
  • Place items in your health area that represent long life, such as cranes, or a tortoise, or any animal or plant that lives a long time.
  • East is a very desirable direction for the kitchen; preparing nutritious meals is essential to good health.
  • The element of East is wood. So lots of wood items; potted plants, furniture, wood picture frames, figurines, carvings, etc..
  • If you are having trouble conceiving, place a dragon in this area.
  • Don’t have mirrors in the bedroom. The water element of the mirror will cause ill health. As well do not use other water feature such as aquariums, paintings of rivers and lakes or televisions in the bedroom.
  • To enhance health, based on your Kua Number, sleep with your head towards your Health (Tien Yi) direction.
  • Avoid sleeping in a room where a toilet or washing machine is located upstairs or downstairs.
  • Never sleep with your bed directly under a window. It is best to have it on a flat wall.
  • Align your bed in a position where your feet are NOT towards the door.
  • Try not to sleep in a room, which opens directly to a set of stairs, a staircase, or a long hallway (did you see “The Shining”? The hallway was creepy). This often has an affect on your health, wealthy and relationships/with others and with yourself.
  • Make sure the corner of a dresser, armoire, etc. is not pointed towards the bed; they are poison arrows and harmful.
  • If your bedroom has open beams, try not to sleep under them. That can cause headaches.

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