The Ba-Gua Map for
Western Feng Shui

This map is based on your individual rooms of a home &/or office.

Wealth &

Location - Rear Left

Colors - Purples, Reds,
& Greens
Fame &

Location - Rear Middle

Colors - Reds & Oranges

Love &

Location - Rear Right

Colors - Reds, Pinks
& White
Health &

Location - Middle Left

Colors - Blues
& Greens
- YOU -

Location - Center

Colors - Yellows
& Earthtones
& Children

Location - Middle Right

Colors - Metals, White
& Pastels
Knowledge &
Self Cultivation

Location - Front Left

Colors - Black, Blues
& Greens

Location - Front Middle

Colors - Black
& Dark Blues
Helpful People
& Travel

Location - Front Right

Colors - White, Grey
& Black
<----------------------------------- Entrance ----------------------------------->

The entrance to your individual rooms, residence, &/or office, will always be in one of three areas of the Ba-Gua: Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People

The Elements:
Fame & Reputation - Fire
Health & Family - Wood
Career - Water
Creativity & Children - Metal
Center/YOU - Earth

Feng Shui for WHOLE
home and/or business
(Eastern Feng Shui)

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