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I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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Psychic Intuitive Counselor, Spell and Ritual Caster I have been online since 4/4/93 and it is my pleasure to serve you.


Would you like to know why a woman such as myself, who walks in the light and works with angels, could possibly perform spells? Or why angels, saints, masters &/or spirit guides would assist me in performing these spells?

For a long while I was asked this question over and over. Well, a client asked this question and after I explained she suggested I tell everyone just how I wound up doing ‘spells’ on the internet.

So here goes:
For many many years I have been doing rituals to assist people in various parts of their lives. Some needed extra income; some wanted to find a true love; some wanted to find themselves; some with over run negativity or evil…and the list goes on. I had no problem doing this because the angels were there to guide every ritual I did.

Then in 2000, during one of my meditations, the angels suggested that I put my rituals online and call them ‘SPELLS’. My mouth hit the floor and first response was “What???? I can’t do that.” And I immediately ended the meditation. It shocked me so bad that they would suggest such a thing as me doing a spell. Had they lost their marbles?

Over the following week or so every time I meditated they brought up the same subject. I told them that I didn’t want to be associated with the word ‘spells’ because it conjures up the thoughts of the dark side, black magic, evil, the devil’s work and all that is against what I believe and what I represent. I even had to check over and over again to make sure I was connecting with MY ANGELS and not some evil force trying to trick me.

Then I just told them I didn’t want to talk about it again. They said they would leave it alone ‘for now’, but would bring it up again. Oh, joy!! (said very sarcastically)

After a couple of months they brought it up again, but this time they said “Cassandra just listen to what we have to say and then decide”. I decided since they are my angels that I would at least hear them out; then say no and that would be the end of it.

They asked me to do a search for the words spells and just go to only the first page linked from the search results. I did.

They asked me what those pages had in common. I said they were from the dark side.

They said “And that is the problem”. Immediately a huge question mark came in my head and I thought “the problem!!!??? And you want me to be part of this problem?”

They chuckled and I realized that knowing they were able to read my mind they were chuckling at my thoughts. Though I still did not get their intentions.

They told me that when people seek help for negative situations in their lives many look for spells. They find sites that are from the dark side. They feel if they want results they have no choice other than to deal with that dark side. I thought “yes and that’s sad”.

They pointed out to me that all these pages are done even in dark colors; like the black backgrounds. They said “It is now your responsibility to let people know that their negative situations can be resolved from the light side and with us guiding every step of the way”.

I told them I could not put up a site with a white background, do the spells and feel like I was still on the light side because a spell was a spell.

Again they chuckled and said, “Don’t you think we will be there to guide every ‘spell’ you do? And if we are there do you still think it would be from the dark side?” I said “Then why can’t I continue using the word ‘rituals’ instead of ‘spells’?”

They said “Because people, during those negative times in their lives, are not going to do a search for ‘rituals’; they’re going to do a search for ‘spells’. When they search for ‘spells’ and find your site they will see that they have another option, the light side, and don’t have to ‘sell their soul’ and live in fear for doing so.”

Now, they really had my attention.

They said “Cassandra, there really is no difference in the word ‘ritual’ or ‘spell’ except the concept that you humans put on it. These words are really synonymous to each other. Go get your dictionary and look up both words”.

So I did and they are right…they’re really synonymous.

Spell – A form of words and/or actions used as a magical charm or incantation.

Ritual – A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of words and/or actions performed according to a prescribed order.

Now, please know I raised all kinds of debate about their commonalities not being common at all. And each time they said nothing; just waited until I put out my own smoke.

Then they said “Tell us, besides one from the dark side and one from the light side, what is the difference between a church doing a baptism ritual, a marriage ritual, a confirmation ritual, a last rites ritual, an exorcism ritual, or praying for people, who need health, money, healing addictions, or other things and the spell caster, who casts a spell for money, love spell, removing negativity, protection, health, or purification? Besides the words themselves are not these spells the same thing you have been doing for people for years calling them rituals because of your fear of the word ‘spells’?”

My reply was that spells are also cast for other things such as harming or manipulating. The angels simply told me that they never wanted me to do such ‘spells’.

In a trillion years, I never would have ever thought that the rituals I perform with the help of God’s angels or the ceremonies religious groups perform were even in the same Universe as spell castings from the devil’s dark side. I wonder if the leaders of religious groups ever realized this?

And that is how a woman such as myself, who walks in the light and works with angels, could possibly perform spells.

Now, you know why I say “A Circle of Light & Rev. Cassandra Anaya are your “BEST” online source for spells & rituals…………


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