THANKSGIVING RITUALA Cornucopiaof Abundance & Blessings

THANKSGIVING RITUAL A Cornucopia of Abundance & Blessings

Spells & rituals are used to assist you to attain your heart’s desires. All spells & rituals I perform are with the assistance of angels, saints, masters &/or spirit guides & of course prayers.


The Thanksgiving Ritual – will be done for only 40 people. It begins on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at sunrise; two days before Thanksgiving (November 25th) The intent of the Thanksgiving Ritual is to bless the things we have, the wonderful people in our lives, to open communication with those we have problems with, to bless the ones who have gone before us, to create and maintain perfect balance in our lives, and to appreciate ourselves more than we do; to be thankful for all that we have and that which is to come.

For some, it is an extended holiday weekend. For others, a day of thanks that may or may not include church. For still others, it’s a day to gather the family around a big meal, with vague notions of Indians and Pilgrims in the background.

Traditionally for Native Americans: it may be a sad day of remembering what they lost because of the appearance of another culture with different values and customs. Among younger tribal members, it is often a day of protesting and calling attention to grievances. This celebration was observed with a harvest feast to celebrate and share the abundance of the past season.

Traditionally for others: it is for us to use the time to balance ourselves and our lives and if possible to assist others in their balancing. Remembering that everything that is placed on one side of the scale has to have something else placed on the other side. Thus, this ritual assists in creating and maintaining that perfect balance. Use this time of balance, to look closely at the balance in our life. How do you balance your personal needs with your commitments to the outside world? How do you receive and how do you give? You might want to reflect on this in your journal or make it concrete by putting objects on a scale. For everything which represents one side of the scale to you (for instance, a book representing quiet time alone), place something on the other side which represents its opposite (a letter or phone for reaching out to friends).

We use both traditions in our Thanksgiving ritual:
The Native American part of the ritual has 16 special chants of thanks. They are for people, the earth, plants, water, trees, animals, birds, the “sisters,” (special powers that help people take care of themselves and look after each other), the wind, thunderors (powers that bring rain), the sun, the moon, the stars, the Four Beings (powers that bring enlightenment and strength), Handsome Lake (a member of the tribe who was particularly effective in spreading Christian values), and, finally, the Creator.

Some people have asked how the ritual is done and what they need to do. So I thought I would give you some more insight.

WHAT WE DO: The ritual actually begins several before sunrise on November 23rd when myself, MariaSuzonne, and 4 others meditate, pray & begin the 16 chants (the peacock feathers are part of the chanting ritual). We do that together until right before sunset. At that time we begin each individual ritual, which takes about an hour per person’s ritual.

We start with Ste. Catherine Labouré candle (this saint’s candle may vary each year. She is the saint for November 25th, which is the date Thanksgiving falls on this year) and then we light all the other religious candles and incense calling them forward. Each of the days of the ritual we repeat the chants using the peacock feather. On the last day of the ritual the peacock feather is burnt, also.

We light the image candles on Thanksgiving day at noon.

The religious candles burn approximately 7 days and the other candles take about 10 to 12 hours to complete. You can imagine what my home is like with all these candles burning and that is not including the candles burning for other rituals. It is amazing over all the years I have never had a neighbor call the fire department. (God protects.)

There is very little that you need to do. Most clean their homes for Thanksgiving day and it is important that you home is cleaned. If you would like to burn incense then Nag Champa is what you want to buy. Use at least 1 stick per day. Get Lavender Oil and every evening, before you go to bed, and every morning when you are ready for the day put the oil on the bottom of your feet. (BTW, if you do not sleep well at night Lavender oil on the bottom of your feet works wonderful).

Several countries celebrate a Thanksgiving Day and the Thanksgiving ritual is not limited to residents of just those countries. It will benefit anyone who the ritual is performed for.

  • USA & Canada call it Thanksgiving (US: 4th Thursday of November; Canada 2nd Monday of October)
  • Korea has Chusok (The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month)
  • Mexico has Independence Day (September 16th, which is considered a Thankful day)

The candles needed for this ritual

8 Religious Candles 1 Sacred Heart 1 St. Gabriel 1 23rd Psalm 1 Holy Spirit 1 St. Michael 1 St. Anthony of Padua 1 St. Lazarus 1 Ste. Catherine Labouré candle

4 Male/Female Image Candles
1 White
1 Pink
1 Royal Blue
1 Green

A Peacock Feather

Length of Time: 6 to 7 days

If you purchase these candles separately it would cost $355.00. However, as the Thanksgiving Ritual the fee is $300.00 (per person).

We are performing this ritual for only 40 people. So make sure you order early.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you refer 5 people who order this ritual then your ritual is free!

REGARDING SPOUSES/COUPLES: Though you are spouses or a couple you are still separate people. You may have common goals, yet you each have your personal goals, also. As such, couples order one and a half rituals (same as “buy one; get the second for half price”). Therefore the fee for spouse or couples would be $450.00 instead of $600.00. That gives you a break in the fee and also gives you both your individual rituals. When we do rituals for individuals we make sure that each person’s ritual is at least 5 feet away from another person’s ritual. However, with couples we have the rituals about 2.5 feet apart. This works to cover the common desires and still has the separation to cover each person’s individual desires. (The SPECIAL OFFER in regards to spouses or couples means that you will pay for one and receive the other free.)

GET YOUR ORDER IN SOON November 15th is the last day that you can request the Thanksgiving Ritual This is so we can get your package to you and make your candles The people who have requested the ritual so far:
As of September 16th: 0 people have requested the ritual; 40 available.
< Make sure you order early to be one of the 40 blessed people!

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