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I just want to say thank you for the communication spell. My bf and I are communicating far better. We really listen to each other and care about what the other person has to say. Before we just shut down when the conversation seemed boring, which of course was rude. With your assistance in performing the communication spell we now know how to communicate far better.

Thank you

Britany J.

September 24, 2010


My dearest dear Cassandra,

This is my 2nd testimonial to you; the first was June 7, 2007 and still on your testimonial page. In 2002 I was such a skeptic, but figured what the heck and you did the first prosperity ritual for me. By 2007 my company became a Fortune 500 company. I met and married a woman, who is still so right for me and we have 3 wonderful children. At first I never included marriage and children in the prosperity ritual because my business was most important. Of course when we became a Fortune 500 company I started looking towards marriage and family. With my success I wanted to send you a check for $50,000.00 but you insisted I give it to charity, which I did. I have now donated another check to the charities we discussed.

Robert D. D.

July 2, 2010


Dearest Cassandra,

If anyone had told me a few mths ago that I’d feel like I was on top of the world I’d have thought them out of their minds. A friend of my kept telling me I was filled with anger and negativity. She kept telling me about you and I kept ignoring her. Then I had the worst nightmare of my life that scared me so bad. I told my friend and again she told me about you. This time I paid attention and got a reading from you. You said that I have taken on a lot of my father’s negativity and my mother’s fear, which didn’t surprise me. Even though I tried to avoid ‘their stuff’ it seems I didn’t do as well as I thought. From the reading you suggestions I had upi dp a Ridding Unwanted Negativity Spells and then when I felt ready had my chakras cleaned and balanced. Well, I did and I am worlds away from my mother’s fear of my father and life and far away from my father’s negativity and alcoholism. I took a job that put me on the opposite end of the country (they are in NY and I’m now in CA). Even the air is cleaner.

I so appreciate you as part of my life now. You’ll hear from me again

Melody W.

May 11, 2010


Dear Rev. Cassandra,

For anyone who wonders whether or not the spells on this site work, I am here to tell you YES they really work! I was having the worst problems then I found A Circle of Light and Rev. Cassandra. She helped me turn things around. I was hurting for money and my wife not only wanted a divorce, but wanted 100% custody of our children, me never to see them again and she simply wanted blood. With the customized spell everything changed. I got a better job, my wife still wanted a divorce, but was less unreasonable in her requests. Then another amazing thing happened. It was the morning of court and Rev. Cassandra called me. She said in her meditation that morning it was suggested that I request paternity on all 3 of our children. AND a drug test on my wife and be willing to subject myself to the tests also. Well that shocked the dickens out of me, but I’d knew to trust what she said.

However, I was so scared about the tests as I love all my children; though I do have an issue with my 5 month old child as she never sleeps and is constantly crying and it is hard to get any rest. So I go to work exhausted.

It took longer to get the results of the paternity tests, but when they finally came back they showed all three children are mine. I was joyously glad to hear that.

The drug tests for my wife and I were ordered and done the same day the paternity tests were ordered. My drug test showed I don’t do drugs. As for my wife’s drug test; when the judge order her to take a drug test she refused and the judge had her arrested for contempt and escorted out of the courtroom straight to the drug test. We went back to court the next day and it turns out my wife is addicted to cocaine, alcohol and some prescription sleeping drug; I don’t remember the name. It seems she has been injecting the cocaine for quite awhile. Because of the results the judge ordered a drug tests on all my children. My baby tested positive for cocaine addiction. I was shocked and put into fear for my baby daughter. And sad for my wife, who was arrested for child endangerment, 4 counts (1 because she used during the pregnancy with Amber and the other three because it seems she was giving all our children drugs to make them sleep more)

The process: my wife withdrew the divorce filing.

I filed for divorce and full custody of my children.

The outcome: It has been over a year and I’ve been divorced half of it.

Amber, my youngest of my three is no longer addicted to cocaine

None of my three children are addicted to the sleeping pills any longer

I have full custody of all three children

My wife was stripped of any maternal rights.

Though I can’t do that to our children. They have a right to know their mother. So maybe when she is out of prison the judge will allow her to have supervised visitations. We’ll see and respect what the judge says. Though I hope he allows the children to get to know they mom and hopefully she will be a healthy mom.

Rev. Cassandra, thank you for the work you did, for helping me bring dark secrets into the light so my children can live a healthier happier life, for the prayers, for the candles you have lit on your site, AND,

Thank you for just being you,

Rick D.

April 30, 2010


I broke up with my boyfriend and started feeling terrible for hurting him. We had known each other since we were little so we still talked and I knew he was devatated. I didn’t know what to do, but knew I had to figure out a way for him not to hurt so much. I found your Heal a Broken Heart Spell and ordered it. The day after you began the spell when he called I could hear in his voice less sadness. Then about a week after the spell completed we started laughing like we did before we started dating. It has been a couple of mths now and we each have our childhood friend back. Thank you so much for helping me help him not to hurt.

Linda Sue. J.

March 14, 2010


Thank you so very much–the Prosperity Ritual is so awesome! I am in tears. We had a blessed visit with my father and my sisters-they were loving, peaceful and so generous. I am the first one on the housing list and the blessings keep coming. My son has received his first acceptance to college. His Dad left me when I was three months pregnant (18 years ago)–guess what Rev. C? My son’s sister sent him an email. Donna, my son’s sister, want to meet him. He wants to know his dad and his brothers and sisters. All these years I have prayed for my son to find and know his father and his father’s family. He is my only child!! I am still in tears!! I know it is because of the Prosperity Ritual… So many good things are happening to me. Miracles! They are happening everyday. Rev. C you have a continuing friend and customer in me. I will tell everybody I know about you and the blessed work that you are doing. Rev. C. you and MariaSuzonne are my Earth Angels!! Thank you!! Thank you!! You will hear from me very soon. I am so grateful that you are in my life….I honor you.

Yvonne L. and son

February 3, 2010

I performed the prosperity ritual for Yvonne and her son in November of 2009, but the month before I had performed the blessings ritual for them. I believe the wonderful miracles she has been experiencing are a combination of both.


For this lady I had performed a “Fresh Start for Relationships” for her mother and grandmother, who were at odds with each other.

I just wanted to let you know that I truly feel that my mum’s relationship with her mum is healed (or is healing fast) and it’s truly a miracle. When my nan dies, I know that my mum will be at peace and so will I!!! Your spell was amazing ( as all the other spells you have done for me!!!!)

I send you tons of love

Cecilia xxxxx

January 29, 2010


Before I add this next testimonial I want to explain the spells I performed for this gentleman and why he requested them.

The end of March, 2009 Erik ordered the “Quick Money Spell” and the “Grant 3 Wishes Spell”. On the order form when asked what he wanted to achieve he stated “I’ve been in a “cycle” of not having enough or “just enough” to get by for over a year. For example, if I get a raise in commissions for putting a deal together, something happens like getting a speeding ticket or my cell phone bill increases…stuff like that has happened in the past OR some bill pops out of nowhere that causes me to bite the bullet for a few weeks before I get paid again. This is the first month in about 5 months where my bank account isn’t in “the negative”…usually it goes negative at some point in the month. Then I cover the charges the following month just for it to happen again.

I began his work on April 1st after asking if he had any objections about it beginning on April Fool’s day. He didn’t; probably because he was already beginning to see results (sometimes soon after a person orders a spell and even before I get to the candle makers the person starts seeing results. I feel when this happens it seems as if once a person commits by ordering a spell or ritual they also commit to themselves to accept change/changes in their lives. So Divine Intervention hears this commitment and commands the Universe to take action. “Ask in faith and ye shall receive”). Now, his actual testimony.

Dear Rev. Cassandra & MariaSuzonne,

I wanted to give you a quick re-cap on what I’ve experienced thus far:

1) I’ve had money “show up” unexpectedly this past Monday and I needed it to pay rent and a phone bill. It came right on time!

2) “Out of the blue”, a business project that began 8 months ago, FINALLY launched. Quite honestly, due to conflicting personalities involved, I never thought it would come to completion.

3) “Out of the blue”, I got upgraded to a Dodge Charger on my lease; quite amazing since I was late making my monthly payment, not knowing that the corp. office had my current leased vehicle on a “repo list” by mistake (lack of communication). I have to say this was a total negative that turned into a positive…especially since there were no cars available that day. They were sold out, but they found a way to get me into the Dodge Charger, the only car remaining that was currently on “hold” for another customer. They did this for all the ‘hassles” they put me through by mistake. Keep in mind, the “other lease rep” told me the Dodge Charger wasn’t available when I saw it in the very beginning when I entered their office…HA!

4) The “stressful” energy between myself and my parents is “lighter” than it’s been in months. It’s more manageable.

5) I have more energy all around…especially when I work out. I’m heading to the gym between 5-7:30AM in the morning which is quite a shift. I usually workout in the evenings and sometimes I feel rushed to do so.

6) I’m taking care of most of my errands in the morning so I feel like I’m going “downhill” for the rest of the day versus “uphill”. I can now deal with “unexpected” emergencies that may happen during the day more effectively.

7) I passed my drivers ed test which was nagging me since late January.

8) I feel like TIME is on my side. I haven’t felt this way in ages. For a long time, I was feeling as though TIME was running out in all areas in my life. I felt RUSHED and stressed. Not as much now. I feel like I have time to THINK and make solid choices.

I can go “on and on” about what I’ve been experiencing. I do want to say THANKS again to you and MariaSuzonne for staying in communication with me throughout the process and doing what you said “you would do” for me =)



Erik Y.

April 8, 2009


Rev. Cassandra,

I ordered the New Year’s Blessings ritual to begin last December 15th or 16th (sorry don’t remember which). The things that have been happening are amazing. My husband was looking for a raise, but really wanted a promotion. What he got was partnership in the law firm. That hadn’t even crossed our minds.

Next we just found out yesterday that we are now expecting……twins. There have never been twins in either of our families. Yet as you pointed out “for each family that is destined to have twins they have to start some place”. I’m rather honored it started with us.

I’m thrilled with what has happened thus far and can’t wait to see what else happens.

Tina B.

March 14, 2009


Dear Circle of Light,

At the beginning of last month I ordered a Heal a Broken Heart Spell. I was so sad over the loss of a dear friend, who died in a car accident last year that I haven’t been able to function. A few days after the spell began I started to feel alive again. Now, it has been about 6 weeks and though I still miss my friend I am doing wonderful. The doctor is amazed and has cut my anti-depressants from twice a day to one every other day. My faith in God has been renewed and I have God to thank for me finding your site, you, your angels, and MariaSuzonne. I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have you do this spell.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back,

Crystal B.

February 21, 2009



I don’t know if you remember me but I ordered a fresh start for relationships spell from you a while back, for my wife and I. I was very skeptical, but at that point I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything to keep us together. Well I have to admit it worked and also eliminated my skepticism!!! We’ve been in counseling for the last 4 months and are doing far better than we were. Our home is happier and so are our children.

I cannot thank you enough.

Tom Y.

February 3, 2009


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