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Last year when my son was 17 yr old, he’s now 18, he had a legal problem and was probably going to jail for drugs. I requested the court legal matters spell and it did the trick. That was more than a year ago. Since then he went to rehab and has cleaned up his act, got a good job that has room for promotions, got rid of the so called friends that weren’t good for him and is saving to buy his own car. You are all a true blessing from God.


Sylvia B.

December 10, 2004



I gave you a testimony a couple months ago about the results of the Summer Solstice Ritual you did for me. Now, I’m giving you another one about the Autumn Equinox Ritual I had done. Right in the middle of it my third goal completed. And yesterday I completed the fourth goal. Wow!! the annual rituals you do are incredible fast working. I am looking forward to the New Years and Valentine’s Day spells also.

Thank you again

Stella G.

October 31, 2004


Dear Rev. Cassandra,

Not only have you set Greg free, you’ve set me free also, from the anguish of knowing that a great error committed against someone I love has been reversed and set right.

This has been such a deeply positive experience for me. The honor has been mine, and I’m ever grateful to God that Divine emissaries like you are here to assist us in difficult times. I’ll surely be in touch if other issues come up for me.

Loving thoughts to you and MariaSuzonne,

Janet P.

September 13, 2004


Dearest Rev. Cassandra,

I found your site in May and ordered the Summer Solstice Ritual. It never dawned on me to give you any feedback until today when I went to order the Autumn Equinox Ritual. The results of the Summer Solstice Ritual have been amazing. For a number of years I have been working on 4 goals for my own personal and professional growth. They have been moving forward, but at a very slow pace. I had you perform the Summer Solstice Ritual for me and have been working with my list 3 times a day. 3 of the goals have now completed and the other 2 look like they are going to complete soon. I have decided that every year I am going to do all of your annual rituals; even after I find my right mate I’ll continue the Valentine’s Day Love Spell and hopefully he will do so all; I guess he will since he’ll be the right mate. 😉 Thank you for helping me to ‘finally’ achieve my goals.

I’m so glad I found you

Stella G.

August 19, 2004


Rev. Cassandra Anaya,

Like my sister Linda, who sent you a testimonial 2 days ago I want to thank you. We had a lot of discussion about this and asked MariaSuzonne more than ‘a’ ton of questions. She answered each of our questions and never got short with either of us. She is the most patient administrator I’ve ever encountered. She is an asset to your company.

The difference I feel from before and after is as different as Summers and Winters here in Vermont. I feel lighter, more aware of my surroundings and best of all more confident as a person.

Thank you

Mary G. (Linda O’s sister)

June 12, 2004


Rev. Anaya,

I first want to say that I never knew about chakras before and had no idea how much they affected me, my life and my body until I read your site about chakras. Both my sister and I decided to have our chakras cleansed and balanced. Neither of us knew what to truly expect and speaking for myself, since she is also writing you a testimonial, I am shocked at how dirty and unbalanced they were. Now, that they are cleansed and balanced I feel the difference and it is truly amazing and truly wonderful. It is like a sense of being liberated from invisible chains that you didn’t even know were there. I know you recommend the cleansing to be done annually and the balancing to be done at least every 2 or 3 months, but would it be detrimental to do them both every 2 to 3 mths?

Linda O.

June 10, 2004

**** To answer Linda’s question. No it would not be detrimental to do both the cleansing and balancing every 2 to 3 mths. However it would be an unnecessary waste of your money. If you’ve had a lot of chaos in your life then do both otherwise the balancing alone is sufficient.


Rev. Cassandra and MariaSuzonne,

Thank you for doing the prosperity ritual for me two mths ago. I have seen things happening right from the beginning. Life is getting easier for me. My grades are back on track. Those in my life, who had not really been good friends are now gone except one, who seems to also be benefiting from the prosperity ritual. On my list I said “I want all the people in my life, who are not a good influence to leave unless they change their ways too. And bring new friends in my life that are good friends.”. She and I have become even better friends since we aren’t drinking every night. We study together and next semester will become roommates in the dorm. I may have lost several ‘not so good’ friends, but gained a ‘true’ friend and have met a few other friends not to mention got to know the other girls in the dorm better. Thank you for all you have done.

Melissa P.

April 23, 2004


OMG, what a trip this has been. I had been wanting to break up with a man I’d been dating for a short while; turns out he was verbally abusive and thought I was his property. He is still stuck back in historical concepts of a woman. He actually told me “you should be seen and not heard”. He wanted me to quit my job, but we never could have lived on his salary. He was really upset I wouldn’t move in with him. When I told him it was over he struck and when I went to the phone to call the police he kicked me in the stomach. Thankfully his landlord heard the noise and came to my rescue. I had him arrested, his landlord and I both testified against him, I got a restraining order and he still kept calling me. I briefly though about having my phone number changed, but since his brother works for the phone company he’d just get the new one. He showed up at my house once thinking my 3 pit bulls wouldn’t bother him since they knew him. He was wrong as they sensed my fear. So he never again came to my house. When he’d call I wouldn’t answer and erase any message w/o listening to them. I sent flowers back that he had delivered or anything else. This when on for several mths. Then a friend of mine, who is one of your clients saw you break up spell and fall out of love spell. As I had mentioned to MariaSuzonne when I replied to her original email I ordered them out desperation. I wanted the break up and for him to fall out of love with me. THEY WORKED!! About 10 days after you began the spells he called my work and told the gal who answers the phones “this is ___. tell Kim I don’t love her any more and I’m breaking up with her”. When the gal gave me the message she said “he is truly an idiot not to know that is what you’ve been trying to do for mths”. I’m just glad it is over. Thanks to you and the spells you did for me I can live in peace again. I know my dogs would have protected me, but I was also scared he would somehow kill them. I don’t have to worry about that any more.

God bless you a million times over for helping me dump a psycho,

Kim T.

January 18, 2004


I did your Find YOUR True Love and Dream Spells together and the results have been amazing. Several women have come in my life and I knew almost instantly the ones who were not the right ones (I said ‘almost’ because I was hoping not to have to wait. I’m not the most patient man when it comes to something like this). AND when the right one came in I instantly knew it was her. We have been together now for 10 mths and everyday is better than the day before. We have so much in common and we have things that are different, but turns out there is a happy medium. Example, I like to skydive and she never has, but – surprise – she has always wanted to. She loves to cook and I could never master it, which meant as a bachelor I ate out a lot. She has been teaching me how to cook and I’ve learned a lot, which has shocked me. Now, one day she cooks and does the dishes and I do it then next day, but most days we cook together, which is really fun and she makes it quite romantic.

I have no words to express my gratitude other than thank you.

Frank S.

December 6, 2003


Rev. Cassandra,

Some neighbors’ sons and their friends were wrecking havoc on our house and property. We live on a farm and they would be outside the barn scaring our horses with firecrackers. This has been going on all Summer. We had called the police a number of times, but to no avail. We saw the boys, but didn’t get video proof as it was just too dark. Then we left the outside lights of the barn on, but the boys would go to the opposite side. Next we put video cameras around the barn, but they shot them with bb guns. Still no proof for the police. Their parents didn’t seem to care even though every night when the kids started their antics we called all the parents, waking them up, but they did nothing. I then found your site and we ordered the protection of property spell. It worked so well and the parents took action. The neighbor father had enough of us waking him at night that one night he let his sons think he was asleep, but heard them leave the house and followed them. He had purchased some kind of night video camera that showed people in the dark (I wished he had used that at the beginning of the Summer). The next day he showed me the video and decided it was time his sons learned a lesson. Though the other parents were pleased by him turning the video over to the police we got just. The boys were all taken into juvenile custody and for the first time in a long time my wife and I got a good night’s sleep. All the boys are now working on our farm and the neighbor’s farm to pay for the damage they did.

Carol and Steve R.

September 1, 2003


You did a love spell for me to find true love almost a year ago. It worked. I met her shortly thereafter and we are now engaged.

Thank you,

Bob G.

July 9, 2003


Rev. Cassandra, I want to thank you for the New Year’s Blessing ritual. Five of my family members had you do this ritual for each of us in January of this year. Now, it is June and the results have been spectacular. My husband got a promotion and we asked that he would only get a raise; my son has been notified by several universities offering him scholarships (he going to Princeton, which is one university he did not even think he would get in); my husband’s parents have become like newlyweds (almost to the point of embarrassing lovey-dovey stuff). They were heading for a divorce, but instead are leaving in August for a 14 day second honeymoon cruise; and as for me, well I won a vehicle, a blue (my favorite color) Cherokee SUV. I needed a new car, but did not expect to win it.

Believe me we are all so grateful and thank you and MariaSuzonne from the bottom of our hearts. We will be doing other rituals in the future.

Thank you so much

The Jacksons

June 3, 2003


I felt confused in my life and within me it was like a volcano ready to erupt. Rev. Cassandra did the inner peace spell for me a couple of weeks ago. I now feel so much calmer and have far more clarity on my direction in life.

Thank you.

Barbara B.

May 26, 2003



Last month my husband and I asked you to balance and clean our chakras. Since then I have what I call a new lease on life. I have more energy; feel more vibrant and sexy and my husband keeps asking me why I look different. He obviously likes what he is seeing because he is actually flirting with me. The spice is back in our 33 yr marriage.

He asked me to tell you that he feels like he is that young college student that I met many years ago. And that he knows if he has you balance our chakras every 3 or 4 months as you recommend he will never need Viagra. (Now, he is a dirty old man and I love it.) Thank you from both of us.

Jack and Mitzie H.

April 24, 2003


My dear dear, Rev. Cassandra and MariaSuzonne,

I requested the Birthday Spell a few months ago and have experienced lots of interesting things. I have been trying to lose weight for more than 5 years, but haven’t been able to. Since the ritual I have lost 45 pounds AND I have a new love in my life. Yeah!

Both of you are the sweetest kindest women I have met in very long time. And I have told several friends about you and your wonderful services and they are very pleased with their results.

Thank you

Dawn T.

March 7, 2003


How happy I am that I ordered the Intense Rainbow Love Ritual. My boyfriend and I have taken our relationship to a new level by him proposing. I’ve been waiting for this and was beginning to think it would never happen and we were just going to stay as we were. Thanks to you doing the ritual for me we finally moved forward.

Justine C.

January 10, 2003


Dearest Cassandra & MariaSuzonne,

I know the New Year’s Blessing ritual has not finished, but I wanted to share with you some of the blessings that are already happening. My boy-friend of several years proposed to me. He said he was going to give me the ring for Valentine’s Day, but had an urge to give it to me now. I am in heaven. I can’t wait to see what else this ritual does. 🙂

Sabrina D.

January 8, 2003


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