Spells & rituals are used to assist you to attain your heart’s desires. All spells & rituals I perform are with the assistance of God, angels, saints, masters &/or spirit guides & of course prayers.


The Vernal Equinox Ritual – begins September 22, 2008 @ 15:45 GMT. We begin the ritual September 22, 2008 @ 3:45 GMT; 12 hours before the actual equinox begins.
Since we live in California the ritual begins September 21, 2008 @ 8:44 PM PST.

The date of the Vernal Equinox corresponds to the center of the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving southward. It is also based on the day closest to the first day of Spring (September 21st) when night and day are nearly of the same length and Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward. This day is the first day of Spring.

In the northern hemisphere, this time marks the first day of Autumn.

The time is one of balance between night and day, light and dark. It is also a time to consider what goals or wishes you would like to achieve or have happen over the next year. This ritual assists in the balancing of it all; achieving those uncompleted goals, wishes and desires.

This ritual assists in the balancing and/or manifesting of it all; achieving those new or uncompleted goals, wishes and desires; a time for all that is new and possible….a time to break the last of the chains that has stopped or hindered your own growth. Thus it is a time to consider what goals or wishes you would like to achieve or what you may want to have happen over the next year; a true celebration of rebirthing your life and nature itself.

And of course in the US (maybe other countries, also, but I don’t know) we feel this time of the year when one catches “Spring Fever”. It is when flowers bloom, trees and bushes grow their new leaves after Winter and many begin bearing their fruit; It is when Spring Fever catches hold of us. We know love is in the air calling us to listen and follow it with our hearts. Thus this ritual is also excellent for love relationships.

Some people have asked how the ritual is done and what they need to do. So I thought I would give you some more insight.

WHAT WE DO: We will gather to begin about 2pm, PDT, on September 22nd when myself, MariaSuzonne, and 4 others cleanse my home and ourselves with herbs, incense and healings. Once cleansed and balanced we ask the angels, saints, masters & spirit guides to assist in the rituals. We then prepare for the next step of the ritual: we begin our meditations, prays, & chant mantras until it is time to begin each person’s individual ritual.

We first start with the St. Matthew – Apostle and Evangelist candles. Then we begin the St. Thomas de Villanova candles. We also begin each person’s pink image candle, the light blue pyramid candle and the yellow 7 knob candle.

After we begin the candles listed above we start the rest of the candles for each person’s ritual; with the exception of the astrology candles and the St. Constantius candles. Those are lit on the 3rd day of the ritual. The entire ritual takes 10 days. Each of these days there are at least 3 of us meditating, chanting, and praying over your candles along with the saints, the masters, your angels, & your spirit guides. We do this as long as any candle is still burning.

The religious candles burn between 7 and 8 days. The pyramid candle takes about 5 to 6 days; the 7 knob candles are burnt at a rate of 1 knob each day, the astrology candle burns for 7 days and the image candles take about 8 to 9 hours to complete. You can imagine what my home is like with all these candles burning; and that is not including the candles burning for other rituals. It is amazing over all the years I have never had a neighbor call the fire department. (God protects.)

You will also be asked to make three lists (the journal):
1 – the things you grateful for in your life. Through the ritual these will be renewed and enhanced in your life.
2 – the things you want to bring into your life
3 – the things you want released from your life
All of this is to create more balance in your life.
Then just relax and allow the ritual to work for you. You may also be interested in doing some affirmations that would enhance the ritual as well as your life. I have a page on my site that has some very powerful affirmations and a technique given to me by the angels that has proven to be very affective. The page is at

The candles used in this ritual

3 Religious Candles
1 St. Matthew – Apostle and Evangelist
1 St. Thomas de Villanova
1 St. Constantius

2 Male/Female Image Candles
1 Yellow
1 Brown
2 7 Knob Candles
1 Royal Blue 7 Knob Candle
1 Emerald Green 7 Knob Candle
1 Pink Cat Candle
2 Pyramid Candles
1 Yellow Pyramid
1 Light Blue Pyramid

1 Astrology Candle YOUR Sun Sign

Length of Time: 10 days

Fees: $408.00 (per person) or $612.00 (per couple).

Spaces obtainable: 50

SPECIAL OFFER: If you refer 5 people who order this ritual then your ritual is free!

REGARDING SPOUSES/COUPLES: Though you are spouses or a couple you are still separate people. You may have common goals, yet you each have your personal goals, also. As such, couples order one and a rounded off half rituals (almost the same as “buy one; get the second for half price”).Therefore the fee for spouse or couples would be $612.00 instead of $816.00. That gives you a break in the fee and also gives you both your individual rituals. When we do rituals for individuals we make sure that each person’s ritual is at least 5 feet away from another person’s ritual. However, with couples we have the rituals about 2.5 feet apart. This works to cover the common desires and still has the separation to cover each person’s individual desires. (The SPECIAL OFFER is for couples, only.)

Ordering for the next Vernal Equinox Ritual will commence the middle of August, 2008!

If you need assistance please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne.


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I send you love.

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