Looking for true love? A soul mate? A life partner? Enhance an existing love? Let Cupid, St. Valentine, angels & our Valentine’s Day Love Spell help you.

Looking for true love? A soul mate? A life partner? Enhance an existing love? Let Cupid, St. Valentine, angels & our Valentine’s Day Love Spell help you.



What is love worth to you? Let Cupid’s Arrow Fly Straight to Your Lover’s Heart Find Your True Love or Enhance Your Existing Love with A Circle of Light’s VALENTINE’S DAY LOVE SPELL


This spell is performed two different ways:
1- for those of you who are in a relationship and wish to enhance your love;
2- for those of you who wish to find your Valentine and be in a love relationship.

Valentine’s Day is wonderful time to reestablish the love you have for each other; be you married, engaged or dating, it is always wonderful to be hit again with Cupid’s arrow. The intent of this spell is to help you enhance this bond you have together or to reinforce what may have been missing for awhile….bringing back the passion that was there when you first were in love; renewing vows and promises.

Valentine’s Day; when our hearts are most open to loving and being loved. But you are alone and don’t want to be. Thus, this Valentine’s Day Love Spell will help you and your Valentine to find each other….and they lived happily ever after. Through this spell I assist you to determine exactly what you want in your Valentine life mate and set the mode to get him/her. And through the spell I help you release the past broken heart pain (past love hurts sometimes have a tendency to make some of us a little skeptical to open our hearts again).

Let’s say you have met someone, who peaks your interest and have a sense that he/she is also is interested. The Valentine’s Day Love Spell will help get the two of you past those first awkward steps of finally getting around to a date. We all know those first dates are nerve wracking and wish we could start with second dates, but of course that isn’t feasible. So we finally get up the nerve to ask for that first date, hoping we don’t fall over our words. Then we hold our breath hoping we won’t be rejected or that we go on that first date our nervousness doesn’t show through and we embarrass ourselves. The Valentine’s Day Love Spell can help us ask for the date, get the date, keep our nervousness at bay and have a wonderful time.
NOTE: Using the Valentine’s Day Love Spell for a situation such as this please be sure that the interest is mutual or it won’t be beneficial. If you are unsure then get a reading to know if the other person is attracted to you. I wouldn’t want you to spend your hard earned money without knowing it was for a good reason….LOVE!!!

In most of my annual rituals & spells I clearly say what we do, but in this one I must decline; as it is not to be public knowledge. Though I assure you it is legal, ethical and beneficial to you and your partner or future partner. Those of you who order the spell can also request what we do and it will be explained.

You really won’t have to do very much at all. My administrator, MariaSuzonne will send the particulars to all those who have ordered the spell. Once she receives an invoice you will be sent an email with all necessary information.

1 Layered Candle (layers are white, red , and pink);
2 Pink Heart Candle;
2 White Heart Candle;
2 Red Heart Candle;
1 marriage or lover’s candle (determined by your status);
1 Cupid Candle
1 St. Valentine candle

The layered candle burns in 7 days, the heart candles about 3 to 5 days, the marriage or lover’s candles 1 day, and both the St. Valentine candle and the Cupid candle 4 days. You can imagine what my home is like with all the candles burning and that is not including the candles burning for other rituals. It is amazing over all the years I have never had a neighbor call the fire department nor my fire alarm go off. God protects!

Begins: February 11th of each year.

Length of Time: 7 days

Fees: $295.00 (single or couple order one spell).

Spaces obtainable: 100

SPECIAL OFFER: If you refer 5 people who order this spell then yours is free!

Ordering for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Love Spell will commence the end of January, 2018!

I invite to peruse my various ANNUAL RITUALS.

If you need assistance please contact MariaSuzonne, my administrator

animated heart
I send you love.

Looking for true love? A soul mate? A life partner? Enhance an existing love? Let Cupid, St. Valentine, angels & our Valentine’s Day Love Spell help you.


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