Spells & rituals are used to assist you to attain your heart’s desires. All spells & rituals I perform are with the assistance of God, angels, saints, masters &/or spirit guides & of course prayers.


The 2008 New Year’s Blessings Ritual is an extremely powerful ritual. We perform this ritual 4 different times (December 16th, January 1st, January 16th, and February 1)st. The the December 16th, & January 16th rituals are available to 25 people each. The January 1st ritual is available to 75 people & the February 1st os available for 50 people.

This ritual lays an excellent foundation for the New Year. It’s purpose is to enhance the entire year with finances, health, joy, faith, love, happiness, friendships, children, luck, abundance, communication, self-empowerment, and lots of blessings. It also creates positive new ways of thinking about truth, love, joy, peace, equality, abundance, health and unification with yourself and with God. At the same time it helps release thoughts and feelings of lack, anger, limitation, doubt, fear, guilt, worry, low self-esteem, and impoverished thinking. We are laying a spectacular foundation for your new year, which is so uplifting and exhilarating to us. We appreciate you allowing us the honor to start your new year off with a great foundation. Thank you.


December 16th (25 spaces available): Begins at sunset on December 16th. Second part goes from December 17th through December 30th or 31st.
January 1st (75 spaces available): Begins at sunset on December 31st. Second part goes from January 1st through January 14th or 15th.
January 16th (50 spaces available): Begins at sunset on January 16th. Second part goes from January 17th through January 30th or 31st.
February 1st (25 spaces available): Begins at sunset on January 31st. Second part goes from February 1st through February 14th or 15th.

Some people have asked how the ritual is done and what they need to do. So I thought I would give you some more insight.

WHAT WE DO: Each ritual begins right before sunset, the evening before the ritual actually begins, when myself, MariaSuzonne, and 6 others cleanse my home and ourselves with herbs, oils, incense and healings. Then we meditate, pray & chant mantras together until midnight; making sure we are clear balanced channels to perform your ritual with the best we have to offer. At midnight we begin the actual rituals lighting all the candles. We continue this for the entire two months of the 4 rituals. What’s so amazing is that we are rarely sleepy or hungry. The energy of the rituals is so high and pure that sleep & food are minimal.

Each and every one of the days of your ritual we circle your ritual candles to pray, meditate, do mudras, chant mantras, & visualize a your desires manifesting. Then every few days I will take the time to personally send you an email update of your New Year’s Blessings ritual’s progress. That way you will know how the candles are burning and what that means.

Before the ritual begins I would like you to make an extremely detailed list of what you want the upcoming year to bring into your life. Please send a copy to MariaSuzonne so that we have it for your ritual.

I will be sending you some incense that is to be burnt in conjunction with the ritual. You will burn about 1/4 of a teaspoon per day around the same time. I make this incense and it can only be burned on incense charcoal. I do not send the charcoal as it would get too crushed. So make sure you purchase enough charcoal for the entire ritual. I recommend you breaking each charcoal in half as you will not use much of the incense. The type of charcoal I want you to use is actually called ‘incense charcoal’. It is the type used in churches and can be bought at a religious supply store. If you plan on getting it on line then email MariaSuzonne and she will tell you the site we use. And please know this is not your barbecue charcoal. That kind, used inside, would smell up your house and furniture and most importantly choke you.

Beginning the day the ritual is started spend at least 5 minutes of your day with the list that you made. Read it. Get your senses into what you want for the year: see it; smell it; hear it; taste it; touch it; and feel it. If you need any assistance with the list just email MariaSuzonne and she can help you.

If you would like the ritual performed for you at any of given dates, please request it at least 10 days in advance, in the US and 15 days in other countries, so I can get your package to you in time.

The candles are all solid soy wax, and a hemp wick. The price includes the spell, the candle, oils, powders, incense, gemstones and herbs.

Rainbow Candle

For the New Year’s Blessings Ritual I use:
3 Rainbow Candles (similar to the one shown above);
1 Rust Pyramid Candle;
1 white male/female Image Candle;
1 pink or light blue male/female Image Candle;
(determined by your gender)
1 Astrology Candle;
9 Religious Candles
1 St. Gabriel Candle;
1 St. Michael Candle;
1 St. Raphael Candle;
1 St. Anthony of Padua;
1 Holy Spirit Candle;
1 Dama du Milagrosa (Miraculous Lady)
1 23rd Psalms Candle;
1 Miraculous Mother Candle;
1 Crucifixion Candle

The image candles take approximately 8 to 10 hours to burn; the pyramid rainbow candle takes about 6 to 7 days; the 3 rainbow candles take 14 to 15 days and the astrology candle and religious candles take about 7 to 8 days to complete. You can imagine what my home is like with all the New Year Ritual candles burning and that is not including the candles burning for other rituals. It is amazing over all the years I have never had a neighbor call the fire department. God protects!

Length of Time: 15 to 16 days

If you purchase these candles separately it would cost $665.00. However, the fee for New Year Blessings Ritual is:
Individuals: $450.00 per person (plus S&H)
Couples: $675.00 per couple – see couple’s discount see below (plus S&H).

S&H Information:

$15.00 for each for USA

$25.00 for other countries

SPECIAL OFFER: If you refer 5 people who order this ritual then your ritual is free!

We are performing this ritual for only 175 people.
December 16th – orders must be in no later than December 5th (space for 25 people)
January 1st – orders must be in no later than December 20th (space for 75 people)
January 16th – orders must be in no later than January 5th (space for 50 people)
February 1st – orders must be in no later than January 20th (space for 25 people)
This allots enough time to get your package to you.

REGARDING SPOUSES/COUPLES: Though you are spouses or a couple you are still separate people. You may have common goals for the New Year, yet you each have your personal goals, also. As such, couples order one and a half rituals (same as “buy one; get the second for half price”). Therefore the fee for spouses or couples would be $675.00; instead of $900.00. That gives you a break in the fee and also gives you both your individual rituals. Each of you would make your lists and send a copy to us to use with the ritual itself. When we do rituals for individuals we make sure that each person’s ritual is at least 5 feet away from another person’s ritual. However, with couples we have the rituals about 2 feet apart. This works to cover the common desires and still has the separation to cover each person’s individual goals. (The SPECIAL OFFER in regards to spouses or couples means that you will pay for one and receive the other free.)


All spaces for the New Year’s Blessings Ritual have been filled. Please try again next year or see what other annual rituals are coming soon on our ANNUAL RITUALS page.

If you need assistance please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne.


animated heart
I send you love.

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