America’s Finest City – San Diego

Welcome to my hometown. : ) Some of the photos will link to more information.

Statue of João Rodriques Cabrillo João Rodriques Cabrillo – Portuguese sailor Founded San Diego in 1542

San Diego Skyline from SD bay


San Diego Skyline downtown view from the bay


Both these were built in 1915 for the Panama-California Exposition Balboa Park's botanical garden Botanical Gardens Balboa Park's Museum of Man Museum of Man

SOME OF THE BEAUTY OF BALBOA PARK, which began being built May 26, 1868. History

Pt. Loma original lighthouse The Original Lighthouse – built in 1854 Pt. Loma new lighthouse The Newer Lighthouse

The Pt. Loma Lighthouse. The original lighthouse sits on a hill right above the new lighthouse. A great place for whale watching if boats make you squimish.

America World Cup San Diego – Home of America World Cup Hotel Del Cornado Hotel Del Cornado – built in 1881 without blueprints

Aerial view Aerial view

PACIFIC BEACH’S BELMONT PARK (left photo is an aerial; right photo taken by someone actually on the roller coaster)

La Jolla Cove La Jolla Cove Seaworld The Original Sea World – San Diego

San Diego WebRings

More Information on San Diego

I hope you enjoy your visit to my city. Come back soon.
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