I wrote this when I was about 16 yrs old

     In my youth, I conceived the universe as perfect and devoid of evil. I pictured a joyous world free of suffering, a world of enlightenment, not flawed by ignorance, a world of progress that abhorred corruption. Justice and wisdom lived side-by-side in this paradise of my conception, and unity and good will prevailed among all people. But after finding out that the haven I fashioned was far different from the mundane reality, I felt disappointed and embittered.

     I had looked upon the heads of state and the hierarchies of the religions as truly the pillars of society. I expected them to provide examples of justice and wisdom. I assumed that the privileges and the plenty they enjoyed were their due for the noble services they rendered to the people. I imagined that it was on this account that the people yielded them honor, trust, and obedience. They would not have obtained these, I assumed, were they not worthy.

     It was in this light that I looked upon the rulers and their luxurious life and failed to see how they exploited the people. When I began to perceive the realities of life, I saw the rich abusing the poor, who lived under the yoke of slavery and despotism. That which I called “tyranny” masked itself under the name of “politics”, “corporations”, or “religion”.

      The world that I was seeking was a world of understanding, a world of logic and of positive thinking. The people of such a world are not beguiled by impostors and do not cling to superstitions. For them the mind is the only lamp that illuminates the dark path of ignorance, and this lamp should be kept eternally lit.

     My life was an example of the belief in the authority of the great mind. My keen mind led me to open a new road for myself. The world that I imagined is a place illumined by reason and understanding. In it superstitions and fantasies melt like ice under the rays of the sun. But alas, what is the actual world we live in? Every kind of ruler has won power except the ruler with a mind and a heart. The honest person is forced into deceit, the imposter holds sway, and the people are chained by custom and tradition. Their religion bows to hardened custom. The people live in the ruts trodden by their ancestors; they do not follow the light of their own minds nor the dictates of their own hearts. This has led the people into narrow, separated faiths and suspicious, unfriendly separated nations; instead of a universal faith and a world nation…One People; One Planet. Thus they remain the victims of superstitions. And in a world so conditioned, success is gained by the sacrifice of conscience and honor. The person of integrity sinks into the jaws of poverty. The honest person is reviled and the liar admired and rewarded with possessions.

     I lamented such a world. My sorrowing songs became a beautiful and soothing melody. In my poetry, this beloved daughter of God projected a bewildered person, a convert, a skeptic, or a believer according to the vicissitudes of my inner self. This diversity reflects the wealth and philosophic depths of my knowledge; expressed in my writings.

     I came to this world to say my word and to benefit my brothers and sisters. It is my sincerest hope that the words of wisdom, which I wrote and uttered, will foster love and peace, and enlarge understanding throughout the world.


animated heart
I send you love.


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