My Sister Michelle’s Memorial Guest Book Page

My Sister Michelle’s Memorial Guest Book Page

Thank you so much for visiting “Michelle’s Memorial”. Those who knew her miss her very much. We are all sad that she is gone, physically. I hope that no one ever has to experience the loss of a younger sibling. So young; 52 yrs old, the prime of her life.

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I send you love.


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Name: Theresa “Tina” Peters
E-Mail: fineazz0816_AT_yahoo_DoT_com
City/State: Bay St Louis, MS
Home Page:
Date: Sun May 18 11:52:16 2003
Who are you: I am a family member
Relationship: Daughter
Wrote… She was a great mom. She will truely be missed. We enjoyed lots goofy times together. I love you mom.

Name: Rhonda F
E-Mail: lilrich_AT_datasync_DoT_com
City/State: Kiln, Misssissippi
Home Page:
Date: Tue May 6 18:46:02 2003
Who are you: I was a good friend of Michelle’s
Relationship: friend
Wrote… Michelle was a very special person and a very sweet person. She will be miss.
My prayers goes out to you.

Name: Liz Martinez
E-Mail: lizzygv_AT_yahoo_DoT_com
City/State: Plantation, Florida
Home Page:
Date: Sat Apr 26 18:03:57 2003
Who are you: Other
Relationship: Friend of Cassandra’s from Florida
Wrote… I am a good friend of Cassandra and my prayers are with you and the family.. I truly understand your loss. May she rest in peace and guide you from above because a new angel is born and is shinning over you to guide you.

All my love
your friends
Jerry & Liz

Name: Nancy Schwartz
E-Mail: koani64_AT_hotmail_DoT_com
City/State: Franklin Park, IL
Home Page:
Date: Tue Apr 22 02:33:27 2003
Who are you: Other
Relationship: Friend of Rev. Cassandra
Wrote… What a beautiful memorial. I did not know Michelle but my heart felt for her while reading her memorial. If she is anything like her sister, she must have been a wonderful, loving and caring person. She will be deeply missed by many. I send my condolence to you and your family. May it be comforting to know she is with God now, may she rest in peace.

Name: Winnie Burns
E-Mail: Wurns3081_AT_aol_DoT_com
City/State: Fort Pierce, Fl
Home Page:
Date: Sun Apr 20 03:49:10 2003
Who are you: I was a good friend of Michelle’s
Relationship: met Michelle in grade school….became close in jr. high
Wrote… THE MICHELLE I KNEW When I asked her what did she want to be when she grew up she said that she was not going to grow up for a while and until that time she wanted to be a “wild child”……
I was thirteen the second time I met Michelle Thompson (the first time was in 2nd grade for a short time). We were in seventh grade together and I can only describe her as a “Topanga” of the 60’s. Some of us go through life traveling to the beat of a different drum…Michelle had her own band going on. She dressed, talked, and acted the way she wanted. We became inseparable for for many years and you would not find one of us without the other…
I remember a time when we were about 14. Michelle had a life size statue of the bust of Abraham Lincoln…we learned the art of kissing from watching romantic movies and smooching on that damn statue…..
When we went to see the Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night” and every girl in the theater was screaming…Michelle stood up and told them all to “shut the *#!+ up”…….
Michelle’s sister Sandy hated to haul us with her but it was a good way for her to get out of the house and Michelle and I always loved to tag along with a big sis that was so worldly….Michelle’s Mom was considered quite strict and that always made any adventure a great escape….
Michelle loved to dance (a little tooooo exotic for the skating rink sock hop) but still always had a dance partner…. She was like a sister to me….she was my best friend….
She was first to wear a bra…drive a car…have a baby…She taught me the words to “I Wish I Was A Fascinating ***” and was truly amazed when I remembered them 30 years later….
Yes…thirty years later….we had lost each other in life. I dont know how it happened…The last time I had seen her was when Tina was about 4 months old…….Sandy had put Michelle’s name in an alumni web page and I stumbled upon it….I had thought about her and left several messages on web sites over the years but this time we conected….Two months after we reunited over the phone Michelle found out she was sick….Ironic how life is. If Sandy hadn’t searched at that time…we would have lost a precious moment…..
When I saw her the last time she had driven to visit me in March of 2002. I knew when I saw her that time would be short and that this visit was a rite of passage for her and I both…We had a wonderful visit that I will always hold near to my heart.
Thirty years became yesterdays and smiles were mixed with tears and a beautiful mixture of memories…It was a tough moment to say good-bye
We were so alive in our teens and so fortunate to have each other at that time in our lives….we were in love with the world. We would challenge life with gusto and sheer determination….
We joked that our visit was like an audition to “Beaches”…I told her that she had been my hero…and my closest friend and that I would never forget her….she had never left my heart as the thoughts of our youth were so full of magic…We came full circle….I last said to her “Dont expect any thing less than a miracle”… I feel as I type this as she is near and she is saying
“Friendship really can last a life time”
I m so blessed to have known her…….Winnie Burns

Name: Rev. Cassandra Anaya
E-Mail: circle_AT_Circle-of-Light_DoT_com
City/State: San Diego, CA
Home Page:
Date: Sun Apr 19 00:40:39 2003
Who are you: I am a family member
Relationship: Michelle’s big sister
Wrote… Michelle, I know that you are in God’s arms now. You are, also, with the angels, all our family members, friends and pets who have gone before us, but I really miss you. I am sure Star was one of the first to meet you coming over her Rainbow Bridge. I guess you were a little surprised to see her as you did not know that she left exactly a week before you did. She was your protector for the past 7 years and since childhood I was always your protector. I just could not protect you from cancer and your contract with God that it was time for you to go. And that breaks my heart into a million pieces. One day I know we will see each other, again. You will be there to greet me when I leave Earth. Then I shall see you, and hold you, and laugh with you. Until then I will cry and think about you and hold you in my heart, mind, and memories.
I just know that I will miss you so very much and wish with all my heart you were still here and healthy, again.
“Chance made us Sisters; Hearts made us Friends”
I will always cherish and keep forever the beautiful pillow you sent me several years ago with those words. Chance gave me the wonderful opportunity to have you as a sister and for that I shall ever be grateful to God. As sisters we had our good times and not so good times, but if God asked me to make a list of what I consider the perfect sister; I would tell him that He already gave her to me. I just wish He had not taken you home so soon. I love you, my baby sister. I love and miss very much, Michelle. Your ‘sis’, San

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