I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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Psychic Intuitive Counselor,Spell and Ritual CasterI have been online since 1993 andit is my pleasure to serve you.


Most everything on this page is free.I hope you find knowledge & tools to empower your life.* represents a fee is charged for the service

* ANGEL READINGS Psychic readings channeled by 3 angels

* PSYCHIC READINGS by clairvoyant channeler Rev. Cassandra Anaya

* CONNECT WITH OUR ANGELS Reconnect & start communicating with your angels

* SPELLS & RITUALS To assist you in attaining your heart’s desiresin matters of love, finances, and more

* CLEANSING & BALANCING CHAKRAS Cleansing & Balancing your 20 predominate chakras

* SPIRITUAL HEALINGS Rev. Cassandra uses her natural born abilities to help you heal

* HYPNOTHERAPYCreate the life you deserve through hypnosis.

* NUMEROLOGY CHARTSFind out what your name means through numbers.

* GIFT CERTIFICATES Now you can order a psychic reading with an ‘unusual’ gift certificateweddings, birthdays, special occasions, & more

* ANGELIC WEB DESIGNINGWant a site that is designed by the channeling of three angels?


AFFIRMATIONS Positive Statements to Enhance YOUR Life

AROMATHERAPYHistory, Remedies, Usage, & Links

AROMATHERAPY CANDLE COLORSWhich Colors Have What Effect on Our Lives

ASTRAL PROJECTIONA Guide for Beginners, Non-Believers

ASTROLOGYKnow your Sun Sign

AURASThe Colors & How to Read Them

BIORHYTHMSHow They Effect Your Daily LifeDo A Free Biorhythms Chart

CHAKRASWhat are they? How they affect your life.

CHINESE ASTROLOGYLearn about your Chinese Animal Sign

CRYSTAL/GEM AWARENESSTheir Properties, & Healing Powers

FENG SHUIComplete Info, Tips, & Maps to Print

GEOMANCYUses the Earth and pebbles for divination

HERBSHealing Properties, Usage & Links

HOROSCOPESWestern: Daily, Weekly, & MonthlyChinese: Daily, Weekly & Yearly

I-CHINGCan provide insight in your life.

MANTRASEnergy based sounds, usually chanted, that vibrate through the body.

RUNESTeutonic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian divination

SCENTS How they affect your life

Tarot Reading Celtic Spread

Tarot Reading 3 Card Spread

VEDIC ASTROLOGYAstrology From India

ZODIAC SIGNSUnderstand Each Sun Sign

METAPHYSICAL FREEBIESMore metaphysical fun free stuff.


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