A Sales Pitch on Astral Projection

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A Sales Pitch on Astral Projection

A Guide for Beginners, Non-Believer’s and Anyone Who is Willing to Try

By: Aaron Frale


I have found (during the nights in which there is nothing to do) that people have so much available at their finger tips, but they just don’t reach out for it. I have noticed that people have many desires, hopes, and fears. They just do not reach out for them. I had a dream to accomplish something I used to think was “impossible, can not be done!” I overcame that mundane and superficial thinking to broaden my horizon and now I am on a natural high from which I will never come down. Now I wish to share a little of this knowledge with others. I wish I could tell everything but I can not, because I myself am only scraping the tip of the iceberg. I will tell what I can, though I do not know all.

My biggest problem was coming up with a theory of death. You’re probably wondering now “what does astral projection have to do with death?” (or if you are of the less intellectual nature you are thinking “death, huh huh huh”) Well all I can say is, you will find out later, because astral projection and death are theories which intertwine with one another. None of the theories of death suited me, I have found through my research that their are two mainstream theories on death: Afterlife and Reincarnation. I believed in both but the trouble was combining the two.

I will go on about astral projection instead of boring you to death (a theory later described in this paper) about me. Have you ever seen those new television shows appearing on FOX like “VR 5” and “Sliders”? People watch shows like that to escape from reality, yet they could do that in their own home with nothing but their mind. Why waste your life away like that, glued to the television set, when you could experience it yourself. You will be able to grow as a human and know that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

What is Astral Projection?

I guess this is the best place to start is to tell you what astral projection is. This will also be giving away the “Big Secret” of astral projection. It is basically: your mind is totally awake while your body is totally asleep. A more enjoyable way of putting it is; your right brain taking your left brain for a ride. Simple? Of Course it is! It is getting to that state that is the hard part.

Everyone projects everyday. The problem is that they are not conscious when they do it. Everyone has a natural projection trigger which happens during REM or dream sleep. When you are dreaming your astral body is projecting through the astral plane. In the astral Plane anything is possible. It is made up of everything you could possibly think of and more! The matter which resides in the astral plane is made up of “mind stuff” which will shape itself to fit your subconscious. With all these points added up, it would result in what we would call a dream.

Now that I have thoroughly confused you I will put it to you in a simpler fashion. When you fall asleep at night, your astral body separates from your physical body and wanders the astral plane. What ever is on your subconscious mind is what you dream.

How to Project

I have found that the best way to project is to gather everything and anything about astral projection. Find and read every document there is about astral projection. In fact I write this with the idea in mind that most of you will find this through a word search, so with that in mind I will try to write this document with the words astral projection as many times as possible in hope that it will make your search easier. When I started researching astral projection my searches came up with junk. Some of the documents I found had nothing to do with astral projection at all so that is why I have decided to make the search easier on you by writing the words astral projection as many times as possible.

Now that I have told you the best way to learn to project I will give you the technique I use to project. Pick and choose from mine technique and others you have read before. Then you will be on the road to astral projection. (A little side note: the most helpful document I have found was Robert Bruce’s “Treatise on Projection” and I strongly suggest you should take a look at it)

The Steps to Astral Projection

Step One: Managing the Physical World

This step is not necessary for astral projection but it helps to do the things stated below before a astral projection . Let me stress the fact that you do not have to do any of the things I will explain below and the only thing you will ever need to project is yourself and nothing more. (If you do not have yourself I would suggest a alternate past time.)

The first thing to do is make sure that no one will disturb you. Tell them you are taking a nap, trying astral projection, or whatever comes to mind. It does not really matter what you tell them as long as they do not disturb you. I, myself had many experiences when some one would walk in while I was trying to project and it broke my concentration. Now that you have made sure no one will bother you walk around your room and study it. During this time you should think about all your troubles and problems. Think of a solution to them (even if it is a temporary solution or a solution like aliens landing and they give you back your puppy which died). You do this so you can get all the surface thoughts out of your head. Once you eliminate distractions continue to step two.

Remember that you could project with a million people circling around your bed and throwing insults and jeers. You just have to train your mind and then you can do anything. “It all takes practice, practice, practice!”(the best words anyone ever said to me.)

Step Two: Trancework and Meditation

You must have your body one hundred percent asleep while your mind is awake in order to project. And that is why you must slip into a trance. Astral projection is not something you can do right away. It takes time to project considering you are not one of those people who can get out on their first try (Which I only heard about by the way, during my many internet studies). How much time? It depends on how much time and work you put into it. When I had my first OBE(OOBE) or Out of Body Experience it only lasted about three seconds. Do not get discouraged if you do not project the first time. Just practice EVERY DAY!

Once you have your environment set for astral projection sit or lay down on what you are going to project on. If it is a chair then make sure the chair has a neck support. Now relax all your muscles. Feel all your muscles loosen to a point where they are nothing useless pieces of jelly. A good way to relax yourself is to tense every muscle one by one and then loosen them until you feel totally relaxed.

Now that you are relaxed you are ready to slip into a trance. The key to this is to create a sinking feeling. Whether you make yourself feel like you are floating downward or walking down a flight of steps, it does not matter, anything will work as long as you feel like you are sinking. Be careful not to fall asleep as you do this. A good way to keep that from happening is to take another step down or float just a little further downward every time you breath out. The most common way to tell that you are in a trance is that you will feel “paralyzed”. You may find that only part of your body feels “paralyzed”. For instance your arms. The best thing to do is to find out what is wrong with a part of your body that has not slipped into a trance state. Maybe a muscle is tense? Maybe you have to fall into a deeper trance? Find out what the problem is and fix it. Once you are in the trance state, go to step three.

Step Three: Concentration

Concentration is a key part in astral projection. It was my problem when I first started to project. In fact… what was I talking about? Oh, I remember, concentration. Concentration is a step that will take lots of practice. There are several ways to do this. First, listen to a clock or a metronome. Try to stay away from music and other complicated sounds like music. What you need is something that is downright boring to listen to. This will strengthen your mind and build up your concentration. The key is to focus on that sound and blot out all stray thoughts. If by chance a stray thought would happen to pop into your head, stop it before it starts because if it grows into deeper thoughts you may never stop it. Another way, using the visual sense, is to focus on an object and just stare at it for an extended period of time. Block out all stray thoughts and focus on the object. Think of nothing but the object itself. A candle is a good tool for the visual sense.

You can also try these exercises with the sense of smell, taste, and touch but I strongly suggest you stick to mainly hearing and sight. This does not mean you cannot try to concentrate on things with smell, taste, and touch. It just means that you will have a better success rate with hearing and sight. We seem to forget the others in the society we live in (Like the trend in most food, no fat equals no taste). So it might be a good idea to use the others after you have mastered a sight and sound for the use of concentration.

Step Four: Feel the Vibes

Energy is the focus in this step. Energy is a natural thing that flows around us. It is everywhere. In this step, I will teach you how to control and convert it into a usable form. For the more scientific minded, I think that controlling this energy is our natural ability to manipulate the electrons around us.

The energy work can be done at any time. It is important to expel any excess energy once you are finished. This can lead to health problems. I had a nasty experience with a week long migraine because I did not control my energy levels. I Will explain more on this near the end of the section.

To channel the energy, you may start by breathing heavy and feel the energy flow through you. Chanting or drumming is another way to channel the energy. Focus on an object or building but never on a person. Suck the objects energy into you. Feel it course through you. Take a walk through a peaceful area. The secret is to let it flow freely through you. If you do not feel anything at first, that is fine, just keep on trying every day until you do feel something. You will feel a tingling sensation as the energy surges through your body (and believe me, it feels great). Make it flow through you, focus on your hands. Make the energy flood toward them. Shape it into a ball at the tip of your finger. Then take the ball, and toss it into your other hand. The whole point is to try and control the energy and turn it into a usable form. Once you have control over it and everything else mentioned, you are finally ready for astral projection.

Once you finish projecting or if you are just working on channeling energy, you must ground the energy. You could do this by sitting yoga style with your palms on the ground and force the energy out of you. You could also just sit and rest peacefully for a while until you feel all of the energy leave your body. Another way is to sit with a rock in your lap (preferably quartz) and let the energy flow into the rock. Then leave the rock outside outside overnight to discharge.

Step Five: Astral Projection (finally)

Now the hardest part is leaving the body. There are many ways to leave the body and I will focus on one (that is why I say to read everything you can on astral projection so you can pick and chose and create your own method to leave the body). The method I use is what I call the “sixth sense” or the “feeling” method. It focuses on the state of mind you are in rather than a physical sense. The most common methods I have seen deal with sight and touch. I was not very good at visualizing or thinking I was grabbing something that was not there so I tried something new. I just “felt” myself slip away.

It is hard to explain but I will try the best I can. I just sensed myself going into a deep trance. I focused on nothing but the “feeling” of the trance. Once I was in a trance, I tried to “feel” myself upwards. I focused on nothing but the “feeling” of floating out of my body and the next thing I knew was that I was above my body. I must warn you that I dislike using the word “feeling” because it totally distorts the message that I am trying to convey but it is the best way I can find on how to describe it.

The whole trick was to just let go. Create a sense of floating or sinking for yourself, just force your body out. The way you are going to accomplish something is to just do it. Ask yourself, “What is it like to be out of body?” Even if you have never been out of body, use your imagination. Once you imagine what it is like to be out of body then focus on that and nothing else. If you have trouble with that, then ask yourself what is it like to be dreaming. Dreaming and being out of body are very similar in nature. Find what it is like with all of your senses when you are dreaming and then concentrate on that. If you believe in yourself, then anything is possible. Remember the golden rule of astral projection: Practice every day and learn everything there is to learn. Once you have that down, then the possibilities are limitless.

What Should You Do During Astral Projection

Try everything and do anything. Just learn everything possible and explore everywhere. Remember that in the astral plane, anything is possible. With that as your limit, the boundaries are endless. Have you ever wanted to fly? Then fly! What about teleporting? Then teleport. It is easy to find a purpose for projecting. You just have to look in the right spot.

The Other Planes

I will not go into the other planes because I feel that I have no experience with them. I feel that I would make them seem grossly out of proportion. There are other planes besides the astral plane but I will not be getting into those in this document.

Finding Your Way

It is very easy to get lost on the astral plane, but do not worry. If you do get lost, just think back to your physical body and force yourself awake. You could do this the same way you force yourself awake from dreams or just by wiggling a finger (I prefer to force my eyes open). Once you are awake, shake your body and get your muscles working again. The best way not to get lost is through trial and error. Find out which way suits you and then do it that way.


Build a pattern on your subconscious. Every time you wake up, think about everything that happened and write it down. If it is only a few key words, then that will do. Once you start doing this often, you will begin to remember more and more until you do not need to write it down anymore. Try this with your dreams also. It will be very helpful for remembering a successful astral projection.

A Final Note on Death

Now it is the time to find out what I mean on how death and astral projection intertwine with each other. When the physical body no longer “contain” or “support” the soul it branches off from the physical world to another place of existence (it depends on the individual soul where it exactly goes). Death (I think) is very much like astral projection, except the fact that there is no body to return to and that the soul now has the full power of the subconscious. I believe that once it departs from the physical body it works its way up through the planes to the ultimate plane of existence. Or in simpler terms, the joining of the higher self (heaven).

But how would that explain reincarnation? In my opinion, I believe that once the soul joins with its higher self another soul begins its journey to its higher self or ultimate plane of existence. In a sense, it is like being “born” again. Once you accomplish your goal, you find that your journey has just begun. It is like landing on the moon only to find that there is a whole universe to explore. Explore that universe and find out all there is to find and then find out some more. That is the secret to knowledge.

A Parting Note

I hope you enjoyed this document on which I have lost so much sleep over. I would really appreciate your questions and comments. You will find my E-mail address on this document. Thank you for your time. I wish I would be able to write more on this subject but I think I will save that for when I am a little bit more experienced.

Copyright &copy 1995, Aaron Frale. All rights reserved.

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