CVV2 Number Information

You are about to submit your request transaction, but first I want to give you some additional information. On the secure page you will be asked for:

  • your credit card number
  • the expiration date; and
  • Card Code (sometimes called Account Verificaton Code)

The Card Code is found on the back of your credit card. On the back of my cards are the last 4 numbers of my credit card and then next to it is another set of 3 numbers (The code for my American Express has 4 numbers, which are on the front). That is the Card Code. We have you use them as an extra measure of security. Without them your transaction will not go through.

American Express has 4 numbers, which are usually on the front of the card

If you have any questions, please contact my administrator, MariaSuzone, by clicking on her name on the order page.

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