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If you have a website you want to promote, you should check out
It’s a resource for a sort of do-it-yourself, where you
can learn to prepare your pages for the
search engines. Then use a sophisticated url submission robot to submit your webpages to all the search engines and directories. And if you pay what you can to this site your info will stay in their database for 1 yr and you can set it up to automatically submit your pages every 45 days. Then at the end of a year you pay again. If you pay nothing then your site info stays in their database for two weeks.

You’ll also find tutorials about website promotion, submitting to yahoo, and much more.
Best of all, you can use the site for free — if you like it,
pay what YOU think it’s worth! Robert, the man who runs the site has reinvented

I have been using his service since 1998 and am very pleased. I HIGHLY recommend it. Thank you, Robert.

FREE!! To network your site become a member of either of the following two.

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