Shop Some of the Online Places Where I Shop & Give to Charity at the Same Time

Shop Some of the Online Places Where I Shop & Give to Charity at the Same Time

I do a lot of shopping online. I have found these sites to have the best products and best prices. I send gifts to many people or wonderful treats to them or myself. Shopping online saves time, energy and gas.

June 16, 2006

I signed up as an affiliate with the stores listed below. Thus A Circle of Light receives a commission from your purchases and…. …….ALL the commission money will be given to Dunbar Village. Dunbar Village is both a retirement home and a hospice. The hospice section is called “The Cottage”. This is where my sister, Michelle, was a patient the last few months of her life. Their care of her and other patients was above and beyond the norm. Located in Bay St. Louis, MS, they were hit very hard by Hurricane Katrina. Thank God, all the patient were safely evacuated. Sadly “The Cottage” was literally washed away & the retirement home flooded. All the patients had to be relocated and staff members had to find new jobs. It’ll be yet another year until they are functioning again & far more costly than what FEMA gives to hurricane victims. Since all the affiliate commission money will go to them, please buy something.
If you would rather donate money directly to them, please send your donations to their corporate office at:
Dunbar Village
106A Office Park Dr.
Brandon, MS 39042

And please clearly state it is for Dunbar Village.
Thank YOU for Supporting Dunbar Village Have Fun Shopping!

I shall be adding more stores. So check back periodically.


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American Diabetes Services


I buy my face care products, “Better Botanicals” here. Great prices

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