~ The Caterpillar’s Lament


Said the caterpillar to his Maker;
I do not understand your ways ~
Each time I find my refuge

it is taken all away.

I must worry and go forward
in each Dawn to seek my daily needs ~
I must struggle in each moment,
ever mindful, and each danger heed..
My appetite ne’er satisfied ~
You made this burden mine.
You put me in the world outside

when I would rather be Inside…

My feet grow oh so weary, Lord, 
My heart aches with each step…
My journey nowhere closer to 
the promise of some rest…

These trials and cares have taken their toll.
I feel I’ve lost my way ~
If you’ll forgive me Lord, I beg my leave,

for there is nothing left to say…

Then said The Maker to His creature;
Behold, Oh Little One!
Your struggles are not yours alone
and mercy shall be done ~

This World is wide and lovely,
And your burdens shall be light ~
You asked Me for My Mercy,

And so I give to you new sight…

Close your eyes and take your rest
and when you waken you will see,
your true wings shall be granted…
And it is I who set you free.

Then go forth and gather sweetness…
and this gift shall be for Me…
Written by: Gabrielle Perreault

animated heart
I send you love.

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