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Link Exchange Criteria


The following criteria are necessary to join our Link Exchange Program. Link requests that do not comply will not be accepted or will be removed.

Site requirements:

  • The content of a site is of a high standard.
  • The site must create a reciprocal link to our main page. To make a reciprocal link go to our Reciprocal Links page.
  • Your link pages must link from your home page as a links page.
  • Reciprocal link to our site must be on the same domain as our link to you.
  • Services and/or information offered on a site are accessible to all across the globe.
  • You may submit your site to as many categories as appropriate, but only once to any one category. And for each category you want to be listed a link must be reciprocated to us. (Example; if you wish to submit to 3 categories, then you must give us 3 reciprocal links from your site.

Why a site will NOT be considered for the exchange program:

  • Sites that promote hatred, prejudice, bigotry, profanity, violence, drugs or anything along those lines.
  • Contains unacceptable adult content (we are not referring to beautiful art such as the statue of Venus or David).
  • The links pages that are clearly not designed to help visitors find the reciprocal link.
  • The link on your home page to your links pages is way down at the bottom and in very small text.
  • Your links pages does NOT link from your home page .
  • The reciprocal link is on an FFA page.
  • Your description is more than 250 characters.
  • Your description is not in paragraph form. ie a list.
  • Sites that are notorious for unethical practices.
  • Your site is a corporation or a large company.

If your site meets the above criteria, please use our submission page to join us or contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne.

Final decision regarding submissions are at the discernment of A Circle of Light.


Reciprocal Link

DISCLAIMER: The sites listed within “A Circle of Light’s Link Exchange Program” are each independent and other than their listing are not affiliated nor work for A Circle of Light. Their views and opinions are their own and may or may not be in conjunction with A Circle of Light nor Rev. Cassandra Anaya.

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