Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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I send you love.

On Wed Sep 17 20:10:28 MDT 1997 Ronnie Tracy ([email protected])
Lyndhurst NJ

Wrote : I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful information that you have gathered here. This is my first time on your wonderful site. I too believe in angels and in their power to be with us every day..I have a very special angel that keeps me safe and loved every day…I will revisit your site and look forward to enjoying your comforting and loving pages…thank you.

On Tue Aug 26 07:24:42 MDT 1997 Penny McFadden ([email protected])
Crescent IA

Wrote : Thank you so much for this uplifting adventure. I needed some “light” or insight today. Keep up this wonderful gift that you have. Hopefully others will appreciate it as much as I did. Thanks again.

On Sun Aug 24 11:28:40 MDT 1997 Kelly Jones ([email protected])
Ryland Ky

Wrote : I enjoyed your page, please keep me posted with any changes .

On Fri Aug 22 08:03:37 MDT 1997 LYNN PAULSEN ([email protected])
CONIFER Colorado

Wrote : I am thrilled with you web page. I really like to see “Christ based”, helpful utilization of technology for service to others. Thank you!

On Thu Aug 21 15:35:58 MDT 1997 Agneta Bergstrom ([email protected])
Stockholm Sollentuna

Wrote : If you have save one life- you have save a whole world.Agneta

On Wed Aug 20 15:28:37 MDT 1997 julie buzzelli ([email protected])
los ca

Wrote : I love the graphics…thank you for creating such a beautiful and inspirational page. I feel honored to be in the presence of fellow Angel lovers. Please keep the light alive!

On Sat Aug 16 09:38:58 MDT 1997 Penny Shannon ([email protected])
Las Nevada

Wrote : I feel very fortunate to have found this web site. Of course I already put it in my ‘favorites’ as being new on the net I’m not really sure how I got here. Seems kinda like life. You have so many links I want to check out, I might be here most of the morning. Keep up the great work! P.S. My website is just barely born, still seeking ideas and inspiration.

On Thu Aug 7 23:20:03 MDT 1997 Richard Gartee ([email protected])
Earleton FL

Wrote : I like your page very much. I found it through the link from phenominal women site. This is a great job you have done.

On Mon Aug 4 16:40:42 MDT 1997 JULIE HOBDY (JULIE)

Wrote : thanks!

On Thu Jul 31 21:45:38 MDT 1997 Njari Johnson ([email protected])
Adelaide SA

Wrote : I picked one of your Angel Cards and was quite surprised that I picked ‘Education’ for that is the area I work in and I am looking at further study at presentin the spiritual and work domain. Blessed Be. Njari

On Sat Jul 19 21:33:30 MDT 1997 K Williams ([email protected])
Burkesville KY

Wrote : I entered the prayer circle and put in my request. As soon as I pushed the button I started weeping and then my throat relaxed. Thanks a lot. K

On Tue Jul 8 02:31:46 MDT 1997 Lennart Trignell ([email protected])

Wrote : Me and my wife also work in the light to help people find themselves. Have a good life. Lennart & Gun-Inger.

On Mon Jul 7 20:58:53 MDT 1997 MICHAEL KELLY ([email protected])


On Sun Jul 6 17:01:08 MDT 1997 Paulette Tantlinger ([email protected])
Johnstown PA

Wrote : This is a very peaceful place.

On Thu Jul 3 21:36:59 MDT 1997 Sandy Rubinstein ([email protected])
San Texas

Wrote : How beautiful this place is! Thank you for providing this space and making the circle of light large enough to take us all in.

On Sun Jun 29 08:55:49 MDT 1997 Phyllis Fromer ([email protected])
Fort Colorado

Wrote : I am stuck! I have an awareness of the benefits of enlightenment and want to access “the gift” within myself in order to become a complete human being and move forward into the adventure of my life and stop dwelling in my past and current blockages.

On Mon Jun 23 23:38:01 MDT 1997 Patricia Brown ([email protected])
Gravenhurst Ontario

Wrote : I have just arrived. I look forward to the new adventure that awaits me. Thank-you Patricia

On Thu Jun 19 23:09:41 MDT 1997 Anne Smith ([email protected])
Sherwood Arkansas

Wrote : I am new to the internet, but I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your website. Thank you for the opportunity to explore all your great sections.I will definitly visit again soon. thanx again, Anne

On Thu May 29 11:11:21 MDT 1997 Hollie Curry ([email protected])
Thorton CO

Wrote : So far I like this web page.

On Wed May 28 15:59:31 MDT 1997 Matt Adams ([email protected])

Wrote : You have a Beautiful page! Your animated Circle of Light is just Goregeous! Thanks so much for a wonderful visit!

On Tue May 6 21:01:35 MDT 1997 Beverly Winter ([email protected])
Tustin CA

Wrote : I have read many thank you emails of the bizwom, and I know that I need answers to many questions about past, present, and future.

On Sun Apr 27 01:38:37 MDT 1997 gail russ ([email protected])
phx az

Wrote : god bless you for all the great work u are doing!

On Thu Apr 24 11:20:48 MDT 1997 L.D. Johns ([email protected])
Downingtown PA

Wrote : Great site. I have gotten a lot of information from it. But now I can’t get into the natal reports and hope this is only temporary.

On Mon Apr 21 13:06:48 MDT 1997 Leslie Coleman ([email protected])
st ut

Wrote : I like how your home page is done �it’s very cool and uplifting!!!!

On Thu Apr 10 22:32:01 MDT 1997 kelly ([email protected])
Vancouver, B.C.

Wrote : I realy enjoyed my browesing through your most enlightening pages. Please drop by Tweet’s Garden. You are welcome there anytime. Keep up the great work! Kelly

On Sun Feb 23 15:26:18 MST 1997 Patricia Kramer ([email protected])
Wilkes-Barre PA

Wrote : I want my husband to be satisfied with the job he is given at work.

On Wed Feb 12 12:42:42 MST 1997 Carrie Kenady ([email protected])
Richmond VA

Wrote : I’m very interested in anything you would have to send me. I’m fascinated with metaphysics, psychic abilities, and holistic medicine.

On Sat Feb 1 09:05:28 MST 1997 Darlene Martin ([email protected])
Sudbury ON

Wrote : This site was given to me by an IRC online friend. I am having some difficulties in my life and he hoped this would help. I’m signing this now but will take take when alone to read and see what this has to offer me.

On Mon Jan 27 22:19:56 MST 1997 CINDY KNOX ([email protected])


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