Thank you so much for visiting.

Thank you so much for visiting.

animated heart
I send you love.

On Sat Dec 30 06:55:16 CST 2000 Paulette HIVELY ([email protected])

Wrote : I love your personal touches. Would love to have a reading but I cannot afford it. Keep up the good work you are doing.

On Thu Dec 28 14:21:56 CST 2000 Bernice White ([email protected])

Wrote : Your site truly has blessed me very much looking to hear from you. I have enjoyed reading through your web

On Wed Dec 27 02:00:13 CST 2000 angela ([email protected])

Wrote : just to say hello,and wish you a happy holiday.thanks for joining your webring.I will email you after I putting the code on my site.thank you!

On Tue Dec 26 15:55:46 CST 2000 Tania Lobo ([email protected])

Wrote : Very nice site, i will come again.

On Mon Dec 18 11:09:59 CST 2000 Charlene ([email protected])

Wrote : I have spent the last three hours going through your site and it is magnificient. You have so much information that helps me better in life. Thank you. I just requested a reading from you and look forward to it.


On Thu Nov 30 13:25:15 CST 2000 Sherry Stinnett ([email protected])
Salina KS

Wrote : Wonderful site!!

On Wed Nov 29 19:08:23 CST 2000 Jo Riley (jlady)
Topeka Ks

Wrote : Wonderful Page

On Sat Nov 11 05:10:04 CST 2000 Paul Cooper ([email protected])
Solihull W

Wrote : What a lovely idea for a webring. When we have our site up and running we will request membership
Love, light, peace, happiness and Reiki blessings

On Sat Nov 4 20:18:56 CST 2000 William Babcock ([email protected])
San California

Wrote : Enjoyed your website. I’m big fan on angels. My favorite TV show is Touch By an Angel. Please visit my web site. I do have some of TBAA fanfiction stories. Please visit our church page.
God Bless, Bill

On Sat Nov 4 16:42:10 CST 2000 Jassmine ([email protected])
Milwaukie Oregon

Wrote : Your site is growing so is mine. Come see me sometime on the web. I miss your little newsletter that you used to put out that was so personal. Hope your life is filled with love and laughter Jassmine

On Fri Nov 3 23:28:25 CST 2000 Angela MacRae ([email protected])
Victoria BC

Wrote : This is a wonderful place for people to come to and very resourceful you have done an absolutely wonderful Job here Love and Light to you

On Fri Nov 3 11:20:42 CST 2000 Janne R. ([email protected])

Wrote : San Diego – what a nice city.
Did you know that your site was very high on Altavista search results
when I was searching facts of SD (is that correct abbreviation)?
Maybe someday I’ll be there too.

BR, Janne

On Tue Oct 31 20:34:16 CST 2000 Lea Gillard ([email protected])
Albury NSW

Wrote : It looks great .Unfortunately I have no way of paying via the net. If I figure it I will be in touch .Feel free to visit our website of original songs on . Free download our songs if you please and sign our guestbook.

On Tue Oct 31 11:52:57 CST 2000 T C ([email protected])
Auburn Washington

Wrote : I admire your website. I also have a site: “TCs House of Mystery…a work in progress”. I was accepted to link with your site…unfortunately, when it comes to inserting HTML coding…well, I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and I’m sure I’ll try again; but couldn’t you make things easier? I recently linked with All I had to do was to enter my URL in a box &….VOILA!….I was instantly linked. At any rate if this is not possible I’ll just keep trying. Best wishes. TC

On Sat Oct 28 17:26:40 CDT 2000 LARRY BOCCIOLETTI ([email protected])


On Mon Oct 23 23:07:27 CDT 2000 Shelley Moss ([email protected])

Wrote : I very much enjoyed your site. It is always a pleasure to be somewhere on the net that feels and believes as you do.

On Sun Oct 22 04:47:33 CDT 2000 Hendrik Gesser ([email protected])
Amsterdam nvt

Wrote : as much as like to join the club so to speak, i’m sorry, i have to postpone that because i have no url of my own at present, i will fix that and come back, if that’s okay.

On Thu Oct 5 00:02:21 CDT 2000 Digger ([email protected])

Wrote : Wow! What a beautiful site you have! I’d like to invite you to join the
Women of Strength & Inner Beauty. I really feel your site would be a true
asset to our community, becoming a part of the group gives your site more visitors, friends and fun. Even if you don’t wish to join the community we have a webring, awards, free graphics and much more available to members and non-members! I hope to get to know you more, as you sound like a wonderful person.

On Mon Oct 2 09:16:07 CDT 2000 Terri Russell ([email protected])
flatwoods ky

Wrote : I have really admired your site . Thank you for the candle lighting.

On Sun Oct 1 15:55:47 CDT 2000 Alice Feltner ([email protected])
Colfax Indiana

Wrote : I collect all kinds of Angels. I believe in them very much.
I just got my computor and I have been trying to be very carful about not joining anything that will cost right now and Im not sure how to set up my own Web page. I hope this sight that I have found will entice me to learn more and more out about Angels and Gods people.

On Tue Sep 26 13:00:59 CDT 2000 Mark Beyrau ([email protected])
Winchester MO

Wrote : Jesus opened His arms and died for us specifically because we are sinners. He would not have hung on a cross for 3 hours with nails in his hands and feet if we are all really pretty nice people (in the sense of being able to make it to Heaven on our own), although I don’t accept the doctrine of Total Depravity either.

On Mon Sep 11 11:42:14 CDT 2000 Angel ([email protected])

Wrote : You are cordially invited to join The Divine Angels internet group. The Divine Angels is an internet group devoted to women.
A place where members can find others that share their same problems, stories, and lives.
Where we join together to have laughs, meet new friends and make lasting memories.
We have several wonderful committees for members to become involved in.
And of course you are welcome to join
our webring if you like. Love and Laughs…The Divine Angels

On Mon Aug 28 17:01:39 CDT 2000 Marge Eglin ([email protected])
Horsefly B.C.

Wrote : Your site is very interesting, I too believe in God the Father and Jesus and Holy Ghost, but the Virgin was just that and I have never found anywhere in the bible that we were to worship her, hence I tend not to go any where near anything Catholic, I would love to have a reading from you but as a single parent in Canada, even your discount is too expensive for me. I wish light and love in Christ for you.

On Tue Aug 15 04:49:47 CDT 2000 June Cleeland ([email protected])
Sydney NSW

Wrote : You have a wonderful website. Love, June..xxxxx

On Tue Aug 1 13:09:40 CDT 2000 margaret banks ([email protected])
cheshire north

Wrote : This is a lovely site to visit and it will take me a long time to see everything contained within.
Love & Light to all
Margaret x

On Sun Jul 30 23:35:12 CDT 2000 Delilah Cinnamonsun ([email protected])
Cleveland OH

Wrote : Your site is wonderful. This is my second visit and I plan to come back for more.

Another site that I’ve been visiting alot lately is at I think everybody should check it out. I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Keep up the great work!

On Sat Jul 29 00:43:38 CDT 2000 Stormy ([email protected])
Oshawa Ontario

Wrote : Hi Cassandra…..

Just stopping by to Congratulate you on being chosen Featured Angel for AOTS this past month. You are so very deserving of this honor as this site carries so many powerful messages and inspirations. I always leave here feeling revived and more than a little enlightened. Don’t ever change Dear One…we are all richer for having participated in your journey. *S* …… Much Love .. Stormy

On Wed Jul 26 01:18:15 CDT 2000 Shelly Berry ([email protected])
Muldrow Oklahoma

Wrote : I just got finished visiting your site and I think it is great. I loved the graphics and images you have used. I like the content on your page as well. I hope you will visit my site. I am looking for people to visit my site and possibly get enough awards together to make and awards page.


On Thu Jul 20 14:28:52 CDT 2000 Elaine Marcopulos-Lopez ()

Wrote : Thank you so very much for your prayers. Also for sharing your beautiful site.

On Thu Jun 29 15:31:42 CDT 2000 jerri smith ([email protected])
cleeveland texas

Wrote : i’ve always loved angels. i think your site is heavenly!
i have always believed in angels . i have even meet a couple. thank you for letting me visit your site.

On Wed Jun 21 18:56:10 CDT 2000 Angie Denes ([email protected])
West Ohio

Wrote : Your site is wonderful! It is so nice to find sites like this on the web. After viewing my site you’ll understand why. My life over the past 6 years has been so odd. This being human can be so tough! Thank you for sharing. ang

On Fri Jun 16 10:38:17 CDT 2000 Dale Metts ([email protected])
Concord Va

Wrote : just want to know the future!!

On Fri Jun 9 09:10:53 CDT 2000 Lori Meyer ([email protected])
Morgan Louisiana

Wrote : My fiance’ told me story of a hawk he saw once. He is an Indian from the Lakota Tribe
he was looking for the meaning of this so I was surfing the net looking for the meaning
of this and I found you when I asked Jeeves. I bookmark you for him so he will be checking back with
you in the future…Thanks

On Thu Jun 1 17:57:19 CDT 2000 michele clement ([email protected])
plymouth nh

Wrote : I really appreciated seeing your site. Keep up the good work.
I have FMS and RSDS (reflex sympathic dystrophy syndrome) and psuedotumor cerebri ( water on the brain). I lost my sight 3 yrs ago, I have what is called center vision only.
I lost my job in 1994. Haven’t worked since. My condition is not controlled. I just live one day at a time.
I have been married for 20 yrs come August. Since I’ve been disabled, no family support at all. I have too keep doing what I did before,no matter what. I am currently looking into a divorce. He doesn’t talk and I’m sick of trying to make this work by myself. If anyone else has/had this problem please contact me. I’m stressing big time.

On Thu May 18 09:46:40 CDT 2000 Diva ([email protected])

Wrote : Hi! I enjoyed my visit here so much, I would like to invite you to visit our website, Divine Divas of the Web. Feel free to write us with any questions you might have, and perhaps even apply for membership into our organization. Once accepted, you will be notified via e-mail of your acceptance, you will receive a personalized membership logo to place on your website.
From Earth’s farthest reaches, Forged from Diversity, Finding solace together, We stand as One.

Divine Diva of the Web does not discriminate against persons of any Race, Religion, Beliefs, or Creed. We welcome the diversity!!!

On Fri May 12 20:34:10 CDT 2000 Therisia Mendoza ([email protected])
topeka ks


On Mon May 8 19:44:12 CDT 2000 Gail Henderson ([email protected])
Aurora Ontario


On Mon May 8 10:02:33 CDT 2000 Linda Bowman ([email protected])
Indianapolis IN

Wrote : I am signing your guest book because I feel you will be able to help me. My son and my mother both need prayers for healing. My son has lost his way in life and has escaped reality through heavy drug use. My mother has Lupus,a very painful incurable disease. They are both very sensitive beings and I know they would respond to anything you could do to heal their pain. Thank you for your compassion.

On Sat May 6 20:47:15 CDT 2000 Angie Campbell ([email protected])
Covington Virginia

Wrote : Love and Blessings to you.

On Wed Apr 26 22:11:55 CDT 2000 Eli ([email protected])

Wrote : Very nice site, content and layout. Thanks for providing such

a site on the WWW

On Tue Apr 18 03:08:27 CDT 2000 Tim Howard ([email protected])
Fresno CA

Wrote : Thank you for your wisdom, kindness, love, and humor. You are a wonderful soul, and I look forward to someday meeting you in person. I wish you the very best, Cassandra.

God BLess,


On Sat Apr 8 01:16:34 CDT 2000 Jessica Yahola ([email protected])
Glenpool OK

Wrote : I love this site! Thank you for sharing it with all of us out here on the www!

On Thu Mar 30 14:48:50 CST 2000 Hanne Laursen ([email protected])

Wrote : Hi to you

Thank you for all of this peace one feel in here. I have been here for a long time now, and stil i havend been thouth all of the sites, so I have to come back later. See you and may God Bless you and yours, Love from Norway Hanne

On Wed Mar 29 08:07:09 CST 2000 Pattie Semancheck ([email protected])
Gulf Florida

Wrote : What a Beautiful & Inspirational Site you have!

I have spent hours here and enjoyed myself beyond words…

You have touched my heart….Thank you for sharing.

You are indeed a very “Special Lady”

~May Serenity follow You Always~

On Mon Mar 27 15:28:19 CST 2000 Pam Robinson ([email protected])
Ripley Tn.

Wrote : Beautiful site!

On Sat Mar 25 16:50:53 CST 2000 Karen Lyster ([email protected])

Wrote : What a really lovely site you have here. I’ve so enjoyed having a look around. Karen

On Sat Mar 11 11:03:50 CST 2000 Marlena Amore’ ([email protected])
Elyria, OHIO

Wrote : This is a Good Site. Everyone who visits should visit the

REVELATION site. Glory! Glory! Glory! LOVE & LIGHT to All ***

On Fri Feb 25 04:39:48 CST 2000 Sue Carr ([email protected])
Harrow Near

Wrote : Congratulations on a great site, is it possible to include more for developing psychics? Thanks

On Mon Feb 21 09:21:17 CST 2000 Maggie Sypniewski ([email protected])
Detroit Michigan

Wrote : I love the idea of your ring. I also believe that we have a duty to make this world a better place in which to live.

AND I really do believe that “We Are All Related.”

So many things people believe in are the same in the world, I often wonder why people look for the differences. “United we win, divided we fall.” The world must unite into one World!

On Sat Feb 19 23:26:51 CST 2000 Mary Hopkins ([email protected])
Spokane WA

Wrote : I am not sure what the circle of light means, but I do believe in God and Jesus and the angel’s role in conveying that to us. It is a good thing to touch God’s throne and we must try however we can!

On Sat Feb 19 11:20:18 CST 2000 Heather Maxey ([email protected])

Wrote : You have done a very excellent job here, keep up the great work. And May God Bless You For Internity!

On Sun Feb 6 18:19:00 CST 2000 Renee Antaya ([email protected])
Newington CT

Wrote : Your site is wonderful, I will visit again. Please explain URL Thank You.


On Thu Feb 3 21:06:49 CST 2000 Welt Schmied ([email protected])

Wrote : I’m here to lay eggs. Peace and a united humanity will hatch from those eggs soon. Thanks Cassandra

On Tue Feb 1 07:58:06 CST 2000 l. vriens ([email protected])
helmond n.b

Wrote : is zeer mooi

On Sun Jan 30 16:02:51 CST 2000 Dee Briskin ([email protected])
Philadelphia PA

Wrote : Dearest Cassandra…Thank you…thank you for your special and caring ways. I have so enjoyed my visit to your wondrous home…filled wi�th such treasures of the heart. Thank you for sharing the beauty of it all.

On Wed Jan 19 08:04:51 CST 2000 Minerva Rivera ([email protected])
Long New

Wrote : It is wonderful God Bless you for sending this out to people because we all need it………….

On Mon Jan 17 22:58:03 CST 2000 Trudee Ball ([email protected])
Port NSW

Wrote : A truly lovely site, a pleasure to explore. It is nice to find some inspirational readings when you are looking for something but not quite sure what it is your searching for.

On Sun Jan 9 00:16:06 CST 2000 Willowlark Samsal (
Sunburst MT

Wrote : What a beautiful site. May the angels of light be with

you and may you find peace an joy. Bright blessings.

On Sun Jan 9 00:11:47 CST 2000 Willowlark Samsal (
Sunburst MT

Wrote : This is a grat site

On Wed Jan 5 11:48:00 CST 2000 Edie Merwin ([email protected])
Atlanta GA

Wrote : This is such a beautiful and uplifting website. I will be back when I am not at work and can spend more time contemplating. Thank you for being here. Blessings of Light and Love to you. Edie

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