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I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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Psychic Intuitive Counselor, Spell and Ritual Caster I have been online since 1993 and it is my pleasure to serve you.

I want to welcome you to the free area of my site. Some things on this page are just for fun and not to be taken seriously. You decide the difference, but mostly – ENJOY!!


This section is of a ‘self’ informative nature.

Affirmations   Aromatherapy  
Astral Projection   Astrology  
Auras   Biorhythms  
Candle Colors   Chakras  
Chien Tung Reading   Chinese Astrology  
Chinese Horoscopes   Crystal & Gem Healing  
Feng Shui   Geomancy  
Horoscopes   I Ching Reading  
Inspirations   Life Counter  
Mantras   Numerology  
Runes   Scents  
Tarot – Celtic Spread   Tarot – 3 Card Spread  
Test YOUR Psychic Abilities   What Day were YOU born?  
What’s your Sign?   ZEN Thoughts  
Zodiac Signs    


This section is more on the lighter side

Ask the Crystal Ball   Consult the Maji  
ESP   Guessing Number Game  
Love Test   Past Lives  
Pyramid Predictions Caterpillar Oracle




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