A Circle of Light’s Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide “M” to “R”

By Bruce DeBoer

A Circle of Light’s Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide “M” to “R”



Steady pulsing electromagnetic energy. (High copper content) On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision, concentration. For heart and solar plexus centers: Stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, immune system, radiation, MS, circulation. Powerful with azurite or chrysocolla for healing: Releases and draws out pain, inflammation, depression, anger; heals blocks. Protects well by powerfully cleaning the aura field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies, including: computer, TV, and other radiation, etc. Place in the 4 corners of a room to cleanse carpet toxins/gases. Clean very frequently – daily if possible! H:3.5-4; CTR:3,4; T (copper)
Usually solid, dull, mottled, brownish to black. Noniron varieties amplify thoughts/telepathic sending/receiving, greater
awareness, some connection to extraterrestrial life. Odd/unusual energy, best used by those drawn to them. CTR:1 or 6
See Amazonite.
Greenish to brown-green Tektite (fell to earth). Dull outside, deep clear green inside. Powerfully expands psychic abilities, such as channeling. On Heart CTR. Eases longing to leave earth. On pillow, brow, crown: Telepathic access to spiritual laws, info from higher regions/places to help us and Earth to be healthier and more spiritual. An intense meteorite helping people incarnating from elsewhere be more comfortable here on earth (reducing asthma, toxin sensitivity, emotional intensity, epilepsy…)(May make some too spacey; be sure to ground self after use and before driving.) Fragile – Don’t salt cleanse! More rare, expensive
and powerful than a plain “tektite”. H:5.5; CTR:6,7; T (aluminum)
Feldspar (contains aluminum). Translucent with white, pink, yellow, soft sheen. Soothes stress, anxiety, women’s hormones/menstrual imbalance, lymph. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal feelings. Greater flexibility and flow with life. Connects 2nd and 6th chakras and Pineal for emotional balance,
gracefulness. Helps all be more comfortable with our gentler feminine/yin receiving side. Especially for water signs. H:6-6.5;
CTR:2,6; T
Morganite/Pink Beryl:
Related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Clear/soft pink to violet, translucent to clear. Inspires spiritual lovingness, compassion,
equality, uplifting, empathy, patience. Spiritual Heart CTR. Also heart, lungs, breathing, throat, oxygenation. One of the highest frequency stones available. H:7.5-8; CTR:4,4b,7
Mother of Pearl (MOP):
Beads/decor made of glossy pearly inside of pearl oyster shell. (Isn’t a stone) Carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea. Relaxes, soothes emotions, sensitivity, stress. H:3-4; CTR:2,5; T (Organic)


There are no known gems beginning with the letter “N”



Solid/translucent black to smoky. (Incl. “Navaho/Apache Tears”) Objectivity, detachment, grounding. Reduces fantasy/escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, etc. thus protective.
Unusual black stone: Absorbs dark and converts to white light. Friendly. Can’t be misused. Root CTR. Brings higher CTR light into lower ones; cleanses, uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility with change.
Clairaudience and owning our lower aspects for growth; Healthy balance. (Be aware – Obsidian balls help to see truths by initially
amplifying beliefs, patterns, fears, blocking our growth.) H:5; CTR:1,5.

GREEN: Heals broken crystals and charges them. CTR:4

Balances and grounds. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity. Androgynous. Can’t conduct or retain healing energy/programming very well.
Black: Root CTR. Grounding.

Green: Heart/4th chakra. Yellow:
3rd Seriousness, logic. Blue: 5th CTR. The more translucent/clearer ones are more effective. H:3; CTR: Match to stone color.

A silicate. Contains water, correlating with our emotions. Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). Less inhibition, more spontaneity. Crown and Brow CTRS. Visualization, imagination, dreams, healing. Easily absorbs, stores emotions and thoughts. Fragile. Fades/cracks in sun, heat, salt, acidic foods. Moisten frequently with water or oil. Some cancel/negate other gems. (backfires if not used for good of all) May change color with high energy/intensity people. White: Balances L/Rt. brain.

Dk blue:
One of the most potent. Fire Opals: May stimulate passion, temper, energy. H:6; CTR:2



White: Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. Of the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, thus balancing emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbs thoughts, emotions. For solar plexus CTR (digestion, stomach, WBCs, immunity) and emotional stress. Low integrity or anger rebounds to user (like Opal). Cleanse frequently. Fire signs less compatible unless drawn to Pearl. May cool and soothe. Gold and Black: Also for prosperity.

Pink: Works especially with the heart CTR. Pearls best without other gems. Divers wear for shark protection. H:3-4; CTR:2,3,4; T (Organic)

Clear bright green/green-yellow. Clears heart CTR, pathway, strengthening breath of life, prosperity, growth, openness. Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart CTR. (lungs, lymph, breast) More yellowish gems are also for Solar Plexus CTR (stomach, liver, adrenal…) Helps understand relationships, other realities Alleviates depression, anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety. H:3-4; CTR:3,4
(Phenakite) Milky whit to clear crystal. A powerfully loving, healing, spiritual stone newly more available. Clearer stones intensely opens 3rd eye, crown and Transpersonal CTRS. as a white light channel. Clairvoyance/spiritual communication, meditation, astral travel. Energizes meridians and healing of other stones. H:7.5-8; CTR:6-8
Pyrite/Fool’s Gold:
(with iron) One of the most grounding stones in use today. Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking, scattered feeling, etc. like Hematite. Helps Yellow Chakra: Stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulfur and mineral assimilation,
circulation, body acidity imbalances, depression, illusions/lack of clarity about situations/people. Great for grounding the mind after meditation/psychic readings. Represents Sun’s golden energy. H:6-6.5; CTR:1,3



“Rock Crystal”:

Clear, many forms and colors! Probably the most versatile multi-purpose healing stone. Easy to cleanse, store info/energy in, program or amplify energy and healing with. Can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Brow, Crown, and Transpersonal CTRS for meditation, sending/receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency. See also many other stones (Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye…) India: Detected food poison by clarity change. Yin or Androgynous. Works with all chakras and master gland. H:7; CTR: All With Chlorite: Powerful for sending and advanced specialized uses.

  • Blue (Or gray/lavender):
    A good healing stone for linking heart with throat and brow CTR. to expand self expression and creativity, plus refining communication skill to new levels. Eases throat tension. Immune system, thyroid, iodine and B Vitamin use. Some say shining light through Blue Quartz can help reduce need for glasses. Still evolving. Yin. H:7; CTR:5
  • Rose:
    Translucent to clear Pink. Love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love, emotional balance. Soft. Gently soothes and warms heart center. Emotional healing, loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment, anger. Slowly eases childhood traumas/neglect/lack of love, low self-esteem. Cleanse and recharge often. Especially if fades. Aligns mental, emotional, and astral bodies. H:7; CTR:4b
  • Rutilated/Rutile:
    Clear Quartz with metallic, golden rutile, copper, or blue/gray titanium fibers that powerfully electrically conduct and amplify energy/thoughts/programming for healing. Intensifies/deepens altered states. Opens Crown/Brown CTRS for meditation, clairvoyance, telepathy, insight. Some make one too scattered to wear. (Induces Alpha) Stimulates immunity, strength, blue corona, imagery, dreams. Golden fibers may increase radiation protection and health rejuvenation. Each stone’s energy/qualities are unique. Androgynous. H:7; CTR:6,7
  • Smoky Quartz:
    2 kinds: 1.) Smoky, root beer, or chocolate colored clear crystals. The clearest, most intense ones powerfully open the crown chakra taking light down the root chakra, which will induce Alpha state/deep meditation for channeling/higher guidance, deep relaxation, lovingness. Ancient use also to stimulate meridians, kundalini, and correct fertility/PMS/reproductive imbalance. Stores info well. Alleviates fear, anxiety, depression, emotional blockage, etc. 2a.) Dense, dull, solid/semisolid black/brown, less attractive. Very grounding, opposite of other smokeys . May feel dense, heavy, nonconductive. 2b.) Many were irradiated to turn them this flat, dark color with white edge of base. If so, they’re not useful for conducting light/healing, thus less useful for
    wearing or healing. H:7; CTR:1,6,7



Solid to clear pink. Gentle, yet probably the most vibrant loving stone to heal the heart CTR., especially for giving/receiving
love. Also for loneliness, loss, heartache, fear, insecurities, inner-child issues, abuse, incest…Helps self-forgiveness, self worth, and trust issues, spiritual- and self-love, desire to live, purpose. Best worn 24 hrs. a day. Electromagnetic. Stronger than Rose Qtz. Solar plexus, stomach (anxiety), food addictions, anorexia, asthma, eyesight (especially emotional not-seeing, to avoid pain.), thymus. Open the hand healing centers. Specialized uses to detox/heal blood, liver, cancer… H:4; CTR:3,4,4b.
Pink, black inclusions. Works with heart CTR; helps us express confidence and lovingness on physical plane in day-to-day ways. Calms and feeds the soul through the heart; love and service. Soothes nightmares. Stress, heartache, loss, etc. Ancient use also: Speech/hearing problems/growth, fear, illness (emphysema, asthma…) Strengthens mantras, chanting, affirmations, singing, toning. H:6; CTR:4,4b
Rhyolite is a volcanic rock, formed by the cooling of lava that is rich in silica. Rhyolite represents change, variety and progress. It lights the fire of creativity within the soul. It also helps with self realization and balances the emotions and increases self respect, self worth, and the capacity to love. Olive green, or creamy caramel swirls with chunks of quartz and darker green.
Rubellite/Red Tourmaline:
Strengthens, grounds/rejuvenates, warms. Unites heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness. High Lithium content (thus pink/red color) brings emotional balance, lovingness, devotion in a down-to-earth way. Balances body’s electrochemistry. Heart and Root CTRS. Helps detach from personal pain. Releases reproductive CTR. blocks; stimulates fertility. Used to strengthen and detox blood and immune system and to ease radiation effects. Yang. H:7;
Red Corundum. Contains chromium (blood sugar balance.) Warms, energizes after exhaustion. Strengthens physical and emotional heart (4th chakra), love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, strength, leadership, success over challenges. Intensifies all emotions (passion, jealousy, impatience, love…) Attempted use for pressure/control (for love, etc) backfires onto user. Used for reproductive/root CTR; infections, cholesterol, clots, blood detox (alcohol, caffeine, etc), sexual blocks. Stimulates circulation, menses, pituitary. healing the earth. H:9; CTR:1,4; T (aluminum)
See Quartz – Rutilated.


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