A Circle of Light’s Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide “A” to “C”

By Bruce DeBoer

A Circle of Light’s Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide “A” to “C”



Blue, blue-green, yellow-green. Brings gifts of heart & mind together for balance, inner strength, and steering steadily through life. Creativity & entrepreneurial thinking, and new directions for business/personal growth.

Blue: Creativity, throat, mouth, ears, breath of life, lymph.
Green: Lungs, heart, thymus, endocrine glands. H:3.5; CTR: 4, 5; T

Chalcedony Qtz.

Red, orange, yellow, browns; Solid, Grounding. For stomach, colon, liver, spleen, kidneys, Xray/radiation.
MOSS: Centering, taking heart. Blood sugar, anorexia/food issues, lymph nodes, Balances emotions. IRIS: Insight, Restores nerve feeling and healing after injury/burns. PICTURE: Gaze into for meditation. L/Rt. brain balance. Pineal, pituitary; coordination.
Blue LACE: Patience, peace. Cools. H:6.5-7; CTRS: 1,4

(A chrysoberyl.) Clear violet-green, lt. blue or orange-yellow iridescence. Color changes with angle. Opens Heart, Solar Plexus, and especially Crown Centers. For healing, centering, self-esteem. Rare and Powerful. Opens to higher self, detachment, psychic abilities, spiritual love, joy, and luck. Excellent tissue regeneration; especially Central Nervous System. H:8.5; CTR: 3,4,6,7
Solid Lt. Blue/turquoise. Gentle Friendly, calming, soothing; Opens throat, heart, and solar plexus centers for self-expression, artistic creativity, healing. Throat, thyroid, nerve and Brain paths. Reduces self-damaging behavior, increases straight posture of self-respect, confidence, grace, self-assuredness with communication. H: 6-6.5; CTR: 5
Clear yellow or orange ancient petrified resin (possibly pine tree). Electromagnetic. Opens solar plexus chakra
for mental clarity, moods balance, confidence. Stomach anxiety, spine, Central Nervous System, brain, memory loss, cell regeneration. Aligns mental and emotional bodies via orange and yellow CTRS. Excellent detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and others’ energies. Sacred use (incense/worn) by Asian and
American Indians, and worldwide. H: 2-2.5; CTR: 3; T
Translucent, purple/lavender Qtz. Psychic abilities, imagery, mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares. Brow + Crown CTRS. Headaches, eyes, scalp/hair, pituitary, pineal, blood sugar balance. Especially aids sobriety; alcohol/food/sex/other addictions. Famous ancient detoxifier (especially helped with poisons, alcohol.) Keep in pet’s water to reduce fleas. H: 7; CTR: 6
Medium blue to white crystals. Fairly newly discovered. Psychic connection to oneness with universe, angelic realm, spiritual guidance. Astral travel, heightened sensory awareness. Seeing paths to surmount challenges. Aligns physical and etheric fields for healing self & others. Regenerates and rejuvenates ill or depleted areas. H: 3; CTR
6,7; T (due to Lead Sulfate)
Apache Tears:
Small, dark, smoky-translucent Obsidian pebbles. Eases and releases pain, loss, sadness, anger, etc to help heal and go on with life. For looking within, protection, vision quest/purpose. gently grounds and unblocks lower body and endocrine glands/chakras. Aids healing. Represents tears of grief shed by Native American women after their loved ones’ deaths due to invading troops. H: 5; CTR: 6
Transparent dk. blue, yellow, clear…Blue and purple are used especially to heal and stimulate throat CTR. and kidney point for
self-expression, teaching, healing mouth, throat, thyroid, high blood pressure, stuttering, etc. Reducing hunger. High Calcium content strengthens bones, muscles, mineral assimilation. Use yellow on Solar Plexus and Brow CTRS. H: 5.5; CTR: 3,5,7
Clear, white, light green striated crystals. Very powerful for deep, peaceful stillness and alpha state/meditation/dream recall. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, etc. Green is most powerful: Heals and brings joyous openness to the heart CTR. as it opens the brow and crown chakras. Clears mental fuzziness and channels for with higher-self & angelic realm contact. Helps see truth for growth. H: 5; CTR:4,6,7
Aqua Aura:
Clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold (amplifies quartz conductivity.) Increases ability to send energy & alter consciousness for meditation, telepathy, healing. Opens/clears throat. H:7; CTR:1,5
A beryl. Clear light blue, blue-green. Tranquilizing, uplifting, openness, innocence, light-hearted, creativity, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose. Throat (& spleen) CTR(s), Heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes, Especially: Mouth, ears, etc. Affects etheric and mental levels. Releases anxiety, fear, restlessness, peaceful stillness like the flow of a forest stream. Breathing allergies, water travel, journeys, sea goddess, seeing through people, protection. CTR:5; H:8
Translucent purple-pink-brown hexagonal, or white needle crystals. Deep, peaceful meditation; uplifts emotions. Centering, overview, patience under stress, heps us navigate business/managerial/personal challenges with a clear head and steady hand. Giving and receiving easily. Balances yin-yang. Eyes, brain, Central Nervous System, heart, opens spiritual/brow chakra for day-to-day living with an open heart and mind. H:4; CTR:3,6; T
Translucent dark/lt. green quartz. Heals emotional pain/fear/imbalance by dissolving blocks in the heart CTR. Historically
also draws out heat of fevers, inflammation, nervous system stress. In your bath water, a soft, soothing stone for general healing. Universal love, truth, prosperity. Much like Moss Agate. H:7; CTR:5
Solid deep blue, blue-purple. Activates brow and throat CTRS. more assertive communication and alert, quite, deep access to
subconscious and other times/places/lives. Creativity, decisiveness, deeper insight, seeing truth, reduces depression, anger, abnormal cell growth. Hi copper content stimulates thyroid, sinus, skin cleansing, spleen, nervous system, mental + etheric bodies. H:3, 5-4;
CTR:5,6; T


BERYL Family:

Strong, hard. (Some look “Greasy”). Clear: Brow & Throat CTRS.

Heliodor/Golden Brown: Stimulates the mind, nervous system, spine, bones, Solar Plexus and 3rd eye CTR, with warm sun energy for mental clarity, confidence, willpower, visualizing, protection. Helps stomach, intestines, works with mental body for exhaustion , depression, ulcers, nausea, eating disorders. Cleans emotional and physical toxins from liver, skin, (including: fear and resentment).
Pink: Excellent for heart CTR, growth, transition, stabilizing. (See also: Emerald, Aquamarine,
Alexandrite) H:7.5-8; CTR:3,4,4b,5,7

(“Heliotrope”) Solid dark green, red flecks. Electromagnetic (high iron). Ancient Egypt, Atlantis used to calm, ground, revitalize. Classic for wealth, menstrual cramps, anemia, blood clots, hemorrhoids, birthing/reproduction, imbalance. Cleansing heart and blood circulation, marrow, thymus, lungs; Heart. H:7; CTR:1,2,4
Boji Stones:
Iron-magnetite concretion. Solid round, grey-brown discs with high iron. Grounding, electromagnetic. Balances body’s energy field. Many have found they reduce pain by holding 1 in each hand. Recharges electrically in sun. (Store boji’s apart; magnetism neutralizes each other. Also wearing/holding with tiger’s eye or other stone containing asbestos may bring on ill feeling.) Rough “male” and smooth “female” stones both have + and – charge. CTR:1; T
Flattens and grounds energy. (poor conductor); not generally used for healing. can dull/block energy. May be used as shield,
reducing sensitivity and awareness. CTR:1



Milky yellow, peach, green, white or clear crystals. Soft. Lime

Green: Tranquility ; soothes spiritual heart; helps us learn from lessons in each situation and new options. Clarifies visions, imagery, astral travel and recall. Helps us replace fears, old ways with healthier ones. Cleans toxins and fumes from body. Needs cleansing if sticky.
Yellow: Spine, bones. Detoxification of kidneys, pancreas, spleen. Decalcifying joints. Clear/Optical: Clearer vision & communication, wellness, general cleansing. Blue: Eases pain
(especially back). Orange: Uplifting, joy, happiness, humor. H:3; CTR: per color.

Chalcedony (jasper) qtz. Translucent. Confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, outgoingness. Precision, analysis, appetite, awareness of feelings. Orange and yellow CTRS. Warms and cleanses blood, kidneys, stimulates appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Historically also used to pull excess fever out through the feet. CTR: 1,2,3; H:7
White, clear, or cool lt. blue cluster crystals. Gentle. Soothes nerves, stress. Quiets mind. Serenity, harmony, easiness,
stillness for receiving, connection to spirit, overview, creativity. Aids Throat CTR; honesty, openness, stress, worry, hearing, thyroid, potassium/manganese deficiency, Central Nervous System, tiredness, fades in sunlight. H:4; CTR:5
Clear/misty white to brown. Helps us be centered, confident, capable and versatile amidst life’s challenges. Grounding to here/now and higher self. Graciousness, good listening/communication skills. Translate higher concepts to everyday language; clarity. Shows what we can/can’t change. Letting go (stress, addictions..) Insomnia, Central Nervous System, coordination, general healing. Both grounds root chakra and opens crown (& Throat) CTR. Plant growth , protection against bugs. H:3.5; CTR:1,5,7; T
Purple, solid. Newly coming into greater use. Works with Indigo & violet CTRS to transmute/lift us out of emotions, fear. Seeing old patterns with new possibilities. Opens heart, inspiration, service, seeing clearly (mentally, physically, psychically), faster healing. Some find useful also for entity release work and alcohol/liver detoxification. CTR:4,6,7
Translucent Gold or Green Cat’s Eye (often confused with qtz. Tiger’s Eye, but rarer). Usually clear, green or green/brown,
non-greasy. For acquiring more prosperity. Confidence, self-pride, healing. Amplifies other gems (NOTE: Some are irradiated to turn green; trust your feeling with each stone.) H:8.5; CTR:3,7
Chrysocolla/Gem Silica:
Solid Lt. blue/blue-green. Gentle, soothing, friendly. Excellent for heart CTR; flushes and heals heart blocks (loss, hurt, guilt, fear…) for flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace of heart, patience. Keeps one in light, love, and healing daily. On Throat, expressing feelings, verbal and artistic creativity, thyroid. Also, heart blood sugar, and emotional balance. High conductivity from copper draws out pain, heat (fevers, inflammations, arthritis…), Excellent therapeutic aid for healing loss, incest, other traumas. Cleanses aura field. Dreams and Earth healing. Chrysocolla and malachite: See EILAT Stone. H:2-4; CTR:4,4b,5; T(Copper)
Bright translucent green chalcedony. Uplifts heart CTR; Greater Flexibility, wisdom, generosity, self-confidence. Heals depression, excess self-focus, emotions/sexual imbalance. Placed on heart, neck, or on brown for meditation. H:7, CTR:4
Clear yellow qtz. (Yellow from Iron). For Solar Plexus CTR, Mental and emotional clarity. Problem-solving, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestion. Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders, allergies. Detoxification: Spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, intestines, etc. Electromagnetic.H:7; CTR:1,3
(Calcite, pink from Cobalt) Brings love, patience, gentleness, compassion. Soothes intensity of feelings. Mental and
emotional balancing. H:3; CTR:4b; T
Excellent energy conductor! Sends and amplifies thoughts, healing, and gem electrical energy into wearer’s energy field. Next to skin: Detoxifies and soothes arthritis, rheumatism, other inflammation problems. 3rd chakra: stomach, intestines, etc. Warms, releases resentment, anger, etc. built up in joints as arthritis. Exhaustion recovery, circulation, balances warm sun energy and cool lunar energy. Energize with sun. H:2.5-3; CTR: 3+all; T
Calcium and calcite.

Red and orange: stimulates 1st 2 chakras for energy and warmth, fertility. Energizes emotions. Muscles, blood, heart, reproductive system; thyroid, metabolism; meridians; spine, bone and tissue regeneration. (Avoid if high blood pressure, fever, anxious).
Pink: Heart CTR, increases sensitivity, caring, compassion. White: Soothes;
heals meridians, stress, smell ability, nerves. Black: Creativity, repels lower energies. H:3-4; CTR: by color; T

Deep wine red. (High copper content) Opens flow of 1st/root and 3rd/Stomach/power centers, hundalini energy, willpower. Also, with heart CTR: strengthens thymus, heart, blood, and oxygen, metabolism, stamina and healing. Historically also heals relationship with father, the yang side of us, masculinity (for men) and confidence/security issues. Access past life parent info for healing issues. H:4; CTR:1;3;4


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