It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce my precious Cali is gone. At 15 years old she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 10, 2007 @ 11:01 am.

animated star     
In Loving Memory of     
My Precious Adopted   
Calidad (Cali) Anaya     
Lhasa Apso     
Born: April 23, 1992     
Died: June 10, 2007     
Owner: Rev. Cassandra Anaya     
Human Sister: Chana Rathbun   
Best Friend: Tashi Anaya     

Calidad’s Memorial


It is with even more sadness that I have to announce my precious Tashi has passed. Almost 15 years old he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 9, 2015 @ 3.59 pm.

Tashi animated star     
In Loving Memory of     
My Precious Adopted   
Tashi Deleh (Tashi) Anaya     
Lhasa Apso     
Born: April 24, 2000     
Died: April 9, 2015     
Owner: Rev. Cassandra Anaya     
Human Sister: Chana Rathbun   
Best Friend: Sasé Chienne Anaya     



The remainder of these pages will remain the same.


Animated Lhasa

Hello, my name is Calidad, which is Spanish meaning “Quality” and I am a Lhasa Apso. My human, Cassandra, calls me “Cali”.


I am a female Lhasa Apso. My human adopted me after she had searched all the animal shelters throughout San Diego County twice a week for about 6 mths. She was looking for a black female cocker spaniel, but I insisted that I was going home with her (and you humans think you choose us). She adopted me on April 23, 1996 and they told her I was about 4 yrs old. So April 23, not only became the anniversary of us being together, it became my birthday. (I won’t tell them they are not accurate on my date of birth. I’m happy because we celebrate a birthday for me, which no one did before. I get ice cream and filet mignon….yummy!!!)
When I came to her home I was not sure about her, as in the past I had been very abused. My diet before was very bad and because of that I was missing my 60% of my teeth and my incisor teeth had been filed down half way. My left rear leg had been broken, which never healed correctly, and only occasionally is it difficult to walk. I was scared in the shelter because I did not know if I was going to be put to sleep or find a home. And even finding a home, I was scared because I did not know if I was going to be abused again. Sometimes you humans seem kind at first and then become mean, taking your anger out on us pets.

Then one day Cassandra came to the shelter. She kept coming to my kennel, but I stayed in the back corner of the kennel because I was scared, confused and felt like life had no meaning for me. I guess because Cassandra is a psychic she saw something in me that I did not see in myself. She requested to interact with me, which gave me a ray of hope. The shelter worker told Cassandra not to adopt me because I had bitten several of the employees, including the vet (my breed bites when we are nervous or scared and I certainly was). Cassandra told her that she still wanted to interact with me. So the shelter worker took me to a quiet area to interact with her, a small storage room at the end of kennel’s row. I decided to be on my best behavior. Even the worker was surprised when I let Cassandra pick me up and put me in her lap. Being on my best behavior worked and Cassandra took me home. I was scared at first because of all I had been through. It took me about a year before I trusted Cassandra, but now I feel so safe, happy, and loved. I am glad that she adopted me as we love each other very much. My health now is much better. The first year I did lose 2 more teeth, but none since then. She took me to an acupuncturist and my left rear leg is so much better that I can now easily walk on it. Though some arthritis has started to set in, but she gives me herbs for it, massages, balances and cleanses my chakras and it does not bother me much at all. And now she takes me to a Certified Advanced Rolfer, who has fixed my leg completely (Look mom no pain) and the arthritis is almost gone. I can walk, run and play without any problem. (Animal Chakras, Rolfing, Animal Massages).

Cassandra, being a psychic, knew that I had been in a house with alcoholics who abused and neglected me. She also knew that I was originally bred to be a show dog, but she wanted to know more so she could help me. She decided to take me to a nice lady, Brigitte Noel, here in San Diego. Brigette communicates with us animals and I told her my life story.

I had been in two other homes, previously. In the first home, where I was born, I was champion show dog, but when I was 2 yrs old I got pregnant by a male with no sense of family and responsibility. The humans took my babies and had me spayed, leaving a 5 inch scar, which still bears scar tissue. I felt like a ‘Useless Diva’.

In my second home, I was with a man and woman who were alcoholics. They kept me isolated in a back bedroom. They beat me if I made noise and many times forgot to give me food and water. Then I found myself in the animal shelter, alone, confused and frightened. I did not trust anyone and, as I said before, I tried to bite those who came near me.

Now that I am with Cassandra I know the joy of being loved and appreciated. I am with her almost all the time, even when she is working. I like it when she takes me shopping with her (except the grocery store, where I am not allowed). My favorite is going to the pet store, where I always get great cookies. She takes me to the park or the beach to play and when she travels I go with her. I have been to Mexico – Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexico City; to New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; Bay St. Louis, MS; Orlando, FLA, Phoenix, AZ., and Colorado Springs, CO. I like to travel on airplanes because I get to sleep a lot. Once on a cross country trip I traveled in the pet cargo area with my favorite toy and a flannel shirt that Cassandra slept in the night before. With Cassandra’s shirt I sensed her and knew she was near. Though most times we travel I am either in my carrier beneath her seat or in her lap and once in awhile when there is no one in the seat next to her I get to sleep in it. (I had more room to stretch out in the pet cargo area, but rather be near Cassandra). When we travel by car I like to sit on the console so I can see everything, but I don’t like the dog seat belt she makes me wear. Though I know it is because she wants me to be safe.

I have lots of toys that I love. I prefer soft squeaky toys since I am missing so many teeth. I have so many friends; humans, dogs and even a few of cat friends. I tried to be friends with a parrot, but it made so much noise that I just left the room.

Now, I have a good life because I am loved and spoiled. I even feel like a Diva, again. And I do feel more secure and know I am not ever going to be abandoned again.


Here I am at the groomer’s. I hate being groomed, but sure love how I look afterwards. Makes me feel like a Diva, again.


This is my friend, Jena, and I am showing off for her. I love cameras. When my human pulls one out, I am always ready.


Here I am teaching Jena how to walk on all fours. Everybody was so surprised that she learned from me. I do not know why. Walking of four gives me more experience, then humans on two.


I am hot and tired. All that teaching is exhausting.


animated heart
Cassandra, Tashi & I send you love.


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