(In Loving Memory of Calidad) Sasé & Tashi’s Bird Links


(In Loving Memory of Calidad) Sasé & Tashi’s Bird Links


bulletbulletbulletbulletbulletbulletbulletTiny Wings In Need – a nonprofit wild and exotic bird rescue organization located in Virginia Beach, VA and would seek to have our organization listed on your site to assist those needing to place an exotic�bird or seeking the help of a rehabilitator for injured or orphaned wild birds.

Val, the little macaw who could
– a precious story about a handicapped macaw named Valentine

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation
– Peregrine Falcon live nest web cams

North American Cockatiel Society Web Page
– Welcome to the North American Cockatiel Society Web Site! Number of cockatiel lovers who have perched here.

BirdCLICK, Bird Training Website
– Step by step positive reinforcement training for birds. Also, join the BirdCLICK e-mail list.

Bird Placement Program
– Not-for-profit, National pet bird rescue/sanctuary organization for unwanted birds. Also publish a MAGAZINE full of great articles.

FeatherSite – The Poultry Page
– On-line zoological garden of domestic poultry. Photos, video, information on various fowl, including chickens, ducks, geese, guineafowl, peafowl, pigeons, turkeys.


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