The Chakra System of Animals

The Chakra System of Animals

Chakras are energy centers located along the center of the animal’s body. They are seen as vortices of shifting sounds, colors, and densities by clairvoyants and others with the ability to see these subtle energy centers. The word “chakra” means “wheel” and are seen as spinning wheels of energy. Although the animal body contain a number of energy points, there are seven main centers in the aura, known as the Chakras. Through the seven chakras, animals receive and give off essential energy between the physical and subtle bodies. An animal’s thoughts and feelings filter down through the chakras to the physical animal body, where they become outer manifestations.

ALL ANIMALS possess an Etheric Chakra System. Like a human being’s Chakra System, most animals have seven active Primary Chakras and up to 21 Minor Chakras and 6 Bud Chakras (4 paw pads, and the bud of skin at the opening of the ears).

The Major Chakras, in animals, are fully developed Energy Centers. These are the Crown, the Third Eye, the Throat, the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Spleen, and the Root Chakras. The Minor Chakras and Bud Chakras are smaller Energy Points, but are essential to the vitality of the animal.

Not all Chakras in animals are seen as colors; the Major Chakras are experienced as colorful Energy Centers. The colors of these centers vary from animal to animal, depending on their development. Minor and Bud Chakras may be experienced as shimmering light, with various colors intermingled with sparkling white. For example, the bud chakras of the ears can best be described as pale yellow, changing to Aqua or Light Blue as they awaken.

As said above, the major chakras are fully developed; yet may not be open. The three chakras that are open at birth and remain open are the root, solar plexus and crown chakras. The energy system (chakras) of animals can be seen as a triangle beginning at the root chakra at the base of the tail, to the barrel of the chest’s solar plexus, to the crown chakra. There is also a minor triangle that is formed from the bud centers in the ears to the nose and throat centers.

Only a few individual animals have developed the heart chakra and the color is green when it is awakened. Likewise, few animals have opened their throat chakra, the spleen chakra, or the third eye chakra; although the potential is there. A pet’s instinctive communication comes from the Root Center (purrs, barks, howls, growls, whinny, neigh, etc.).

Another center that varies in individual animals is the Sensing Center located at the bridge of the nose between the eyes. It is pale silver blue and governs sensory intake and the transmission of sensory input to the brain. This Center is more developed in highly sensitive animals, but can be either overdeveloped or underdeveloped in others. Do not confuse this Center with the third eye. The 3rd eye is a bit higher than the bridge of the nose.


An animal’s Major Sensory Points play a important role in its behavior. Animals will rub their bodies along trees, the ground or even people to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, the root chakra and to ground to Earth Energy.

The Chakras in the paw pads are extremely sensitive, and lead the animal to harmonious energy spots. When a harmonious spot is found, the animal will lie down on it and the solar plexus and root chakras will open to draw in the energy. The minor and major chakras in the tail also help guide it to beneficial energy sources; though the paw pad chakras are the primary source for finding this energy. The paw pad chakras also ground the animal to Earth Energy.

When working with animals, it is as important to attune with them as when working with human beings. Use your intuition, your knowledge of animal body language, and the chakra system to direct your healing to the area(s) where it is most needed.

Each organ in the animal’s body corresponds to the Energy Centers as they do in humans. So when targeting specific problems, direct energy toward those chakras.

For a full-body attunement, begin at the Root Chakra (this is actually the first chakra) at the base of the tail and work toward each individual center to open and balance each area.

Here is one other tip for directing healing to animals: before you begin your energy work, gently massage each energy center to allow the animal to relax and to tune into your vibration. Then proceed with your healing work.

The Healing modalities on these pages are not to be used in place of veterinarian medical treatment, but may be used as supplementary practices in conjunction with traditional veterinary medicine.


All animals have the same chakra centers. I used the dog as an example because dogs are in my home. I have two that I rescued; Cali (a 12 yrs old Lhasa Apso I rescued when she was 4 yrs old) Cali passed on June 19, 2007 @ 11:01am. She was 15 years old. She will be very very missed by both Tashi and I.

Tashi (born 4/24/00 is a Lhasa Apso that I rescued when he was 3 yrs old).
Sasé Chienne (born November 8, 2005 is a Shih Tsu I rescued November 13, 2008)


  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye
  • Throat Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Spleen Chakra
  • Root Chakra

The Chakras

The Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra Sanskrit – Sahasrara / “thousand-petaled lotus”:

Location: The crown top of the head; between the ears.
Influences: Cranium, right brain hemisphere, cerebral cortex, side of face, right eye.
Gems and Minerals: Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz crystal
Color: Violet
Attributes: Inspiration, wisdom, cosmic consciousness, spirituality, oneness with all
Fragrances: Lotus
Element: Cosmic Energy
Planet: The Universe/Cosmos
Astrological Signs: Higher Expression of ALL Signs
Symbol: Lotus
When unbalanced the animal may experience: Depression, lack of grounding, lack of inspiration (due to being disconnected from the spiritual source.)
To Awaken and balance: Along with the gems and color listed above, meditate with your animal, using guided visualization to see health returning.

The Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye Sanskrit – Ajna / “command center”:

Location: Between the eyes and a bit up on the head.
Influences: Left brain hemisphere, side of head, forehead, ears, nose, left eye, base of skull, nervous system.
Gems and Minerals: Blue Sapphire, Clear Quartz Crystal, Tourmaline.
Color: Indigo or Dark Blue
Attributes: Intuition, imagination, visualization, concentration
Fragrances: Vanilla
Element: Telepathic Energy (Etheric Energy)
Planet: Sun & Moon
Astrological Signs: Cancer & Leo
Symbol: Star of David
When unbalanced the animal may experience: Headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration.
To Awaken and balance: Along with the gems and color listed above, meditate with your animal, using guided visualization to see health returning.

The Fifth Chakra – The Throat Eye Sanskrit – Vishudda / “with purity”

Location: The upper throat area.
Influences: Thyroid, lungs, respiratory system, forelegs, paws, throat, mouth, vocal chords
Gems and Minerals: Lapis Lazuli, sodalite, blue quartz, turquoise, blue topaz
Color: Sky blue
Attributes: Communication, expression, eloquence
Fragrances: Clary Sage
Element: Akasha &/or Ether
Planet: Mercury
Astrological Signs: Virgo & Gemini
Symbol: Chalice (Cup)
When unbalanced the animal may experience: Difficulty communicating, ego, emotions caught in the throat.
To Awaken and balance: Sing, chant, hum, breathe consciously. This will soothe the animal and promote healing.

The Fourth Chakra – The Heart Chakra Sanskrit – Anahata / “unstruck sound”

Location:The heart area.
Influences: Heart, blood circulation, lower lungs, chest, thoracic vertebra, immune system.
Gems and Minerals: Emerald, malachite, green jade, rose quartz crystal.
Color: Green.
Attributes:  Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, group
consciousness, peace, tolerance.
Fragrances: Amber &/or Sandalwood.
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Astrological Signs: Libra & Taurus
Symbol: Cross
When Unbalanced the animal may experience: Anger, heart problems, rigidity, lack of  love.
To Awaken and Balance: Serve others (and if possible take your pet with you). Watch tender movies that “tug at your heart strings”. Believe it or not; your animal will tune in and feel your emotions along with your intent.

The Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra Sanskrit – Manipura / “jewel city”

Location: The solar plexus on an animal is on the upper chest; a few inches back from the front legs.
Influences: Stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, diaphragm, kidneys, nervous system, and lumbar vertebra.
Gems and Minerals: Gold, tiger’s eye, amber, citrine.
Color: Yellow (like the sun.)
Attributes:  The will, determination, assertion, personal power,
hearty laughter.
Fragrances: Rosemary.
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars & Pluto
Astrological Signs: Scorpio & Aries
Symbol: Circle
When Unbalanced the animal may experience: Lack of will, overemphasis on
power, anger, poor digestion, eating disorders, fear, hate.
To Awaken and Balance: Rub the animal’s belly; become aware of the energy
radiating from it’s solar plexus, breathe using YOUR diaphragm.

The Second Chakra – The Spleen Chakra Sanskrit – Svadhisthana / “one’s own place”

Location: The spleen chakra on an animal is on the tummy above the sex organs.
Influences: Genitals, pelvis, reproductive organs, large and small intestines, stomach, and sacrum vertebra
Gems and Minerals: Amber, Moonstone, Topaz, Fire Opal
Color: Orange
Attributes: Creativity, sexual energy, desire, pleasure
Fragrances: Musk
Element: Water
Planet: Jupiter & Neptune
Astrological Signs: Sagittarius, & Pisces
Symbol: Pyramid
When unbalanced you animal may experience: Sexual problems, jealousy, possessiveness, uterine or bladder problems, lower back pain.

The First Chakra – The Root Chakra Sanskrit – Muladhara / “root”

Location: At the base of the tail.
Influences: Adrenal glands, spine, bones (marrow), legs, back paws, colon, anus, tail, and kidneys
Gems and Minerals: Ruby, red jasper, garnet, phantom red quartz crystal
Color: Red.
Attributes: Grounding, good health, survival instincts, vitality
Fragrances: Patchouli.
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn & Uranus
Astrological Signs: Capricorn & Aquarius
Symbol: Square
When unbalanced you animal may experience: Violence, anger, constipation, survival fears.
To Awaken and balance: Spend some time each day sitting directly on
the earth with your animal. Dance with your animal.

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