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Because a problem with ringsurf.com I’ve temporarily suspended all my webrings.Ringsurf.com was using words in a members site description as pop-up links to their paid advertisers.

If I find a host for my webrings that don’t use our descriptions for their advertisers I’ll put the ring back online. You can check periodically with the rings’ main page at https://www.circle-of-light.com/COLrings/

Here is what the ring actually looks like.

Rescued Dogs Ring
This Rescued Dogs Web Ring site is owned by * Tashi & Sasé’s & ** In Memory of Calidad *.
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Rescue Dogs Web Ring was created on November 9, 1997 by Ms. Joanne L. of k9-kennel. I took over the ring in March of 2002. It’s aim is that of linking together the websites of people who have taken in dogs from shelters, pounds, refuges, strays, dogs unwanted by their previous owners or are “dog foster parents”. Rescue Organizations are also welcome to join.

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