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dove button   Angelic ArtistryAngelic artist Joan Kirk. UPDATE: I have known Joan online in 1995. Three years later she was diagnosed with Cancer. Myself and many others prayed for her as she fought her battle with cancer. Sadly, on August 25, 1999, Joan lost her battle to cancer. Now, she is home with God and the beautiful angels that she so dearly loved to draw. I will miss her so much as I am sure many around the world will, too. She will live on in our hearts. I keep this link to her site as a tribute to an amazing lady and wonderful “angel artist”.

   Alice Leggett Oil Portraits Working from photographs or from life, I create a unique original work of art that lasts for generations to come. A custom image can be designed from multiple photographs, harmonizing colors and backgrounds for your personal color palette. Satisfaction guaranteed!

   ArtQuestis a wonderful service that puts people collecting and selling art directly in touch with each other via email. By filling out a simple online form, you’ll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buyand sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more!

   New World Creations is the art gallery and portfolio of the visionary art of the Atmara Rebecca Cloe. The gallery includes images of Spirit and Light, dolphins, and goddesses fractals and much more. Prints of many of the works are available. The site also includes original Web Clip Art that is free for all web page designers. Come and explore

   Sculptures by Theresa HowleyThe artist is a sculptor and Computer Graphics Illustrator at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Her sculptures address personal mythological themes, warriors with the weapons of intuitive
knowing and erotic materials.

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