These wonderful awards were given to me by some really cool people.
They start from the newest to the oldest awards and an honor to receive each one.

If there is no link it is because their sites are no longer there. ūüôĀ I keep them for sentimental reasons.

Diamond award The Diamond Award Freedom award The Freedom Award

Universal Mandala award The Universal Mandala Pegasus Award Pegasus Award 24 October, 1996

Unique Page Award Unique Page Personality Award 22 August, 1996 Wynterhawk's Award Wynterhawk’s Award of Excellance 3 September, 1996

Serena's Hot Pick award Serena1’s Hot Sites Pick 6 September, 1996 A Positive Place award A Positive Place 17 August, 1996

Nite award AdZe’s Site of the Nite 27 October, 1996 Field of Dreams award Field of Dreams 16 October, 1996

Animated Heart
I send you love.

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