The Hierarchy of Angels & Humans

The Hierarchy of Angels & Humans


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The Angelic Choirs (the first three Angel Hierarchy) have evolved over time in Jewish and Christian lore. They are categorized by level of importance and ways with God. By rank, this is a list of the individual choirs (also called ‘orders’.)


The First Hierarchy – Those closest to God who contemplate God’s goodness.

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      – those, who most clearly see

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      – those with fullness of knowledge

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Thrones aka Ophanim

      – legislate divine justice

The Second Hierarchy – Those who preside over the ordering of the universe.

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      – enact our Creator’s providence

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      – shift the order of heavenly bodies

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Powers aka Authorities

      – chart the heavenly bodies

The Third Hierarchy – Those who have given dominion over human affairs.

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Principalities aka Rulers

      – charged with the well-being of ALL human affairs

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      – convey messages from God to humans

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      – charged with the well-being of each human’s affairs


The last Hierarchy – All human life

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  Universal I AM (God self, but is universal in nature, yet individual and unique)
  The Christ Self #1 (individual I Am expressing on the Christ level of vibration as a perfect child of God; a universal yet individual Christ)
  The Christ Self #2 (Christ level; each with individual characteristics, each with a name, yet universal in nature)
  The Higher Self (our individual link to God & the upper hierarchies)
  Soul Etheric Body (our Soul)
  Astral Body (the mental astral body/the chakras)
  Mental Body
  Conscious Mind
  Physical Body


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I send you love.



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