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Below is a link to Music Design, who holds the register on the Angel Card®. On their site you will be able to draw an Angel Card® or buy your own set of Angel Cards®. Before you click on the Angel Card® link, please be in a quiet place. Get your mind relaxed and stilled by breathing deeply a few times, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Think about your present situation and the assistance you need. When you feel centered then click on the Angel Card®, which will open an separate window. Then choose one of the Angel Card®.

After you have chosen your Angel Card®, take a moment to reflect on the card you have choosen. Is there something in your life that needs to be changed so that you may feel the quality of that Angel? Are you open and receptive to express that Angel fully and completely? Visualize the essence of that angel becoming one with you. Imagine the quality of your life if you allow this angel into your life. Invite this angel into your life by activating your senses…….. feel, hear, smell, taste, see this beautiful angel in your life.


Meet the two ladies who are the original creators of the Angel Card®, Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.

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For an indepth psychic reading channeled by three angels, click the angel animated angel

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